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Exclusive: scouting video shows Jenkinson literally running through walls, OH YEAH

Speaking to Jack Wilshere gushed about Carl Jenkinson signing a new contract with Arsenal saying that the budding England international would “run through a ┬ábrick wall for you (an Arsenal teammate).”

7amkickoff first heard the phrase “would run through walls” when David Walker used it to describe former Man City fullback Nedem Onuoha in relation to what he would do to get a seat at the Man City money trough. The next player described as being willing to “run through walls” was Emmanuel Frimpong. And while we have no doubt Frimpong would run through a wall, the problem with Frimpong is that he just runs randomly through all the walls.

We doubted that people meant this “running through walls” thing literally but recently footage emerged of Carl Jenkinson literally running through a brick wall and in the interest of keeping football sane, we present it here in all 30 seconds of its glory:

That’s the kind of footballing talent that Arsenal need at the moment. OH YEAH.


(Full disclosure: 7amkickoff really likes Carl Jenkinson and this is meant in no way to denigrate his contributions to Arsenal FC. It’s just that when we hear that phrase “run through walls” we can’t stop thinking of our childhood. This forces us to write articles in the third person even though there’s really only one person here.)

3 thoughts on “Exclusive: scouting video shows Jenkinson literally running through walls, OH YEAH

  1. Vote -1 Vote +1Bay Area Gooners

    When it comes to Arsenal, we’ve all drunk the Kool-Aid on more than one occasion. ;-)

    Jenkinson is a great story. I wish much continued success for him with the Gunners.

    And I too have fond memories of that ad campaign.

  2. Vote -1 Vote +11steved1

    Fantastic! That video has made my day.

    You do realise if you watch that video a second time you get a surreal video of a young William Shatner singing Rocket Man!

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