Lukas Podolski

He’s our Podolski! (A suggested song for Podolski)

Sung to the tune of Shipoopi by Merideth Wilson

Well a forward who’ll miss on the very first shot
Is not extraordinary.
And a forward who’ll miss on the second time out
Is anything but scary.
But a forward who scores on his very first shot,
Head in the clouds, feet on the ground!
He’s the guy that Arsene’s found–
he’s our Po-dol-ski!
Po-dol-ski! Po-dol-ski!
The boy just finds the net
Po-dol-ski! Po-dol-ski!
And he will win your bet

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10 thoughts on “He’s our Podolski! (A suggested song for Podolski)

  1. Vote -1 Vote +1nycgunner

    Hahaha. I hate this song. I remember it from the Family Guy episode and it annoyed the shit out of me. Sorry, but I’m gonna hope it never catches on! Great work though.

  2. +11 Vote -1 Vote +11NilToTheArsenal

    Hope the sun will shine and it’ll be a real lark
    As we follow the Gunners this Saturday to Upton Park
    Podolski’s hat trick will be accomplished with grace
    Giroud will finally contribute a brace
    Traveling Gooners will surely sing
    As Theo scores one from the wing
    Gervinho will join the party late
    Celebrating his tap-in with that salute I hate
    West Ham will deny us a clean sheet
    Because of Matt Jarvis’s flying feet
    Someone pinch me I think I’m in heaven
    West Ham 1 Arsenal 7

    1. +1 Vote -1 Vote +1ctpa

      The hope and the dream but WHU are not that bad early on. Vaz Te is a dynamic player for them and then there is the ‘underrated’ 35m striker. The bottom line is that this is an Allardyce team with all that means so our set piece defense will get a workout. They also have that Allardyce stalwart Kevin Nolan who likes to leave an ocassional boot in.

      1. -1 Vote -1 Vote +11NilToTheArsenal

        They are playing some quality footy right and are far from the pushovers of earlier seasons. It will be the most challenging Hammers match we’ve played in a while. They are 2 points clear of us in the table and haven’t lost in their last four matches. Let us wish them the old Chinese saying, “may they you in interesting times”…

  3. Vote -1 Vote +1jaymin

    Shipoopi, shipoopi, the girl who’s hard to get! Shipoopi, shipoopi, but you can win her yet! hah, this post brought a smile to my face on a gloomy day : ) i will sing this Podolski song with glee at our next match!

  4. Vote -1 Vote +1a different greg

    Unrelated to the topic but I can’t help but think that defensive frailties at dead balls seems to coincide with Giroud not being on the pitch.
    It’s very early on in the season but do you have any stats to back this up? Eg %clearances from db by him compared to the rest of our team.
    Does his time at Montpelier back this up?

  5. +1 Vote -1 Vote +1ctpa

    Will someone tell tell Tony Adams to put a sock in his shipoopi.

    A. Cole’s lawyer has taken his client’s twitter privileges away and will feed him just bread and water for a week..

    Any New Yorker could have told Roy Hogdson the proper way to ride a subway is stare straight ahead and don’t talk to strangers (something his Mom should have taught him long ago).

    I hope Mertesacker starts so we can have someone who can look ‘down’ on Carroll.

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