Albion v. Arsenal: drinking game

The following actions might happen and the following statements might be uttered by the annnouncers, it’s your choice of if and what to imbibe.

  • “8 years since Arsenal won a trophy”, drink
  • “Gus Poyet wants to manage Arsenal”, drink
  • If Arsenal start the game looking week, drink
  • Someone mentions Bradford, drink
  • “Arsenal have £150m in the bank”, drink
  • Bridcutt tackle, drink
  • Bridcutt tackle on Rosicky, drink the whole thing
  • Wayne Bridge error, drink
  • Wayne Bridge error from Theo Walcott run, drink the whole thing
  • Diaby dribbles, drink
  • Rosicky through ball, drink
  • Rosicky shoots, drink
  • Rosicky scores, get out the good stuff and celebrate – hell, get out the cigars!
  • Giroud header, drink
  • Giroud scores, drink
  • Podolski shoots, drink
  • Podolski scores, drink
  • Podolski puts in a cross, drink
  • Santos drifts inside, drink
  • Jenkinson successful cross, drink
  • Miscommunication between Kosscielny and Mertesacker, drink.
  • Lopez scores, drink
  • Lopez linked to a move to Arsenal, drink
  • Mackail-Smith comes off the bench, drink
  • Mackail-Smith scores, drink
  • Mackail-Smith scores off a set piece that Arsenal fail to clear, in the last minute, of a dreadful Arsenal performance, handing Albion the match, drown your sorrows.


21 thoughts on “Albion v. Arsenal: drinking game

  1. +3 Vote -1 Vote +1ignatzuk

    I was holding a baby, so no drinking for me.

    Brighton are my second team, having lived there for 14 years, and they have endured no end of crap since their owner sold their stadium out from under them to develop it into a Toys R Us. I know some great Brighton fans who have followed their team through thick and thin since they were made homeless (including Fatboy Slim who bought about 35 of us a round of drinks at Millenium Stadium when they got promoted against Bristol City), and I can’t tell you how pleased I am for them that they have this new stadium.

    Bit of a lucky win for Arsenal, two terrible goals to concede. Looking foreward to a righteous rant about those, Tim. A couple of players in Arsenal shirts looked worryingly as though they had found their level playing a championship side.

    1. +1 Vote -1 Vote +1caribkid

      More worryingly, a few players showed they were not even up to Championship quality. I have been a Santos defender in the past, especially last season. However, he reminds me of utter sh***e. Remarkable, another player in recent years which came to us with sound credentials and whom has ended up in the dog pile.

      Hard to figure that one out.

      1. Vote -1 Vote +1jop

        Other than us he’s only ever played in Brazil (both Serie A and B) and in Turkey. That the Premier League and a not all that defence oriented Arsenal is a step too far isn’t entirely surprising.

      2. Vote -1 Vote +1Beastista

        To be honest, even among Santos defenders (and I include myself in them), he’s never been good. By good I mean Arsenal quality (circa 2003, of course). It’s just that he was always underrated as.. sh***e, as you put it.

        I am starting to believe that there really is a place in football for people like old ‘arry, managers who put an arm around a guys shoulder and tell him not to feel out of place at the very top levels. Chamack and Arshavin would be two other example of such “confidence” players. Maybe Big Pam would work wonders for Chamack’s confidence. So we could get some actual money when we sell him on in the summer. Or string beans. Or what have you.

        And I also suppose Arsene has never been the best motivator around. Doesn’t mean that I want Wenger to go right away, nor that I want him to stay forever. Just saying that in the same way as one would say, “Oh, that Santos issn’t really that bad. He has a stabby tackle and all that, but it works for him, so it’s all good.”

  2. +2 Vote -1 Vote +1ctpa

    Le Samourai just keeps getting better in better. The skill in that second goal was evident when you watch his youtube highlight reel.

    Quality chip from Diaby. Nice lay off from Podolski.

    Defending in a word was atrocious and its name was Santos. I tried to figure just WTF was going on in ‘death valley’. Podolski seemed to covering and Ramsey was coming over all game long but Santos was continually bypassed at the point of attack.

    Mertesacker did not cover himself in glory on that second goal.

    Nice game from Rosicky and Diaby to give us options off the bench going forward.

    Happy with the win, just disappointed that we had to go to our bench to finally send Brighton to bed. Liked the pressure from the front six but it only took one weak link at the back to undue things. We should have been beating this team like a rented mule after they had to make 2 early subs at the back but credit Brighton for their fight back.

    Hopefully Vermaelen can return for Pool.

  3. +12 Vote -1 Vote +1ctpa

    I don’t want much in life. Peace, nuclear disarmament, economic certainty, cure for cancer, end to hunger, end of terrorism and Gervinho brings back his Ivory Coast form.

  4. +1 Vote -1 Vote +1Bunburyist

    The team should feel lucky to avoid a re-play. Shocking, shocking defending, and I include the midfield in that assessment, because we lost possession in the middle of the park time and again until Wilshere came on.

    On a more positive note, we looked great going forward: Diaby managed to play 90 minutes without an injury, meaning he might be able to contribute for at least another 3 or 4 games. Giroud is finally showing the full range of his quality. Wilshere is an animal. Great to have Rosicky back as an option, and for Cazorla to (finally) get a rest.

    1. +2 Vote -1 Vote +11NiltotheArsenal

      The problem is that there is nothing “shocking” about our defending. It is the established norm. It’s getting easy to play against us if opponents have the determination to pressure us on the wings and force a lot of corners/set pieces. Eventually, inevitably, we’ll concede a header to some “shockingly” unmarked player in the area.

      We’ve avoided a replay by the skin of our teeth (deflected goal 10 minutes from time) and I couldn’t be more relieved given the fixture crush.

      After all is said and done, we did it. We put away a decent championship side (credit to them) and can move on. Thank goodness…

      1. +2 Vote -1 Vote +1craig

        Absolutely. Made it through… can’t complain.

        And it’s not that the marking in the box is always that terrible (although sometimes it is!), it’s that the lack of pressure on the wings lets the opposition pick out perfect passes. No pressure, look up, take a breath, measure a cross. These are professional players, without pressure, they can almost always put the ball where they want it.

        And Tim was one of the first to give Theo credit for this, but what an improvement in his first touch! He has really come a long way there and credit to him. Giroud’s take from Diaby’s ball was excellent… and Diaby’s ball was Songinho-esque. Exactly what we need from our deep-lying mids. He had another nice release on a breakaway that was eventually wasted by Rosicky, but his passing definitely improves as he gets more games.

      2. +3 Vote -1 Vote +1Wang

        When Diaby is ‘on’ he’s great, but bar that assist, I thought he was a complete passenger today. If he does sign a new deal, I hope it is pay-for-play. Szcz is looks like he may have caught the consistency disease, as well, and needs a mentor/competitor.

        While I said to myself at the start of the month that I didn’t think we’d sign anyone this month, I genuinely fear what will happen if we don’t. The negative from the West Ham game was that Arsene might have dilluded himself into thinking the squad was sufficient, but hopefully today was a good reminder of our true depth. I don’t buy the (lack of) ‘superior quality’ excuse. Last summer, quality players like Stekelenburg & Vidal flew under the radar and were snapped up in Italy for a song (6M euros for Maarten who may even be available now and would be great to mentor/push Szczensny). Santon, went to Newcastle on the cheap, and can play both left and right back – even if not a worldbeater, he’s a versatile sub. The quality is there, I just think Wenger doesn’t want to overpay on principle (of his valuation) even if the money is there.

        But is the £2m pounds on the margin that we won’t overpay for a player worth the loss of UCL cash? Even times 5 on several players? Bring me Capoue, a keeper, & a striker! Bring me Hummels & Gotze! Do something dammit!!! Can we afford not to spend?

      3. Vote -1 Vote +1Zeddington

        Agreed on Diaby. But also – and this is excusable because he’s been out for so long – Rosicky was not conducive to holding on to possession. When Wilshere came on we were able to hold the ball much better and drive forward.

        Ox has looked worryingly sh*t for a while now. Where is that bravery from last season? I’m not worried, he’s young and will improve, but it means he’s not a great option when we need him, which is now.

        I like Ramsey in this new role. Clearly needs some more time in it to grow and for us to see if he’s really any good at it, but he seems to do it quite well. He’ll need to get stronger, tackle harder, and be quicker in possession, but it’s something I didn’t think he could do and now he’s doing it. Hope he finally finds his place in this team.

        Jenkinson was guilty of a lack of concentration a few times – turned off, or didn’t turn on quick enough. He did ok overall, but we can see why Sagna is still first choice.

        Overall though, the second I saw the teamsheet I knew it’d be a tough game. Apart from Ollie, Poldi, Mert and Chesney, this was a bunch of players lacking fitness (Diaby, Rosicky), playing time (Ox, Jenkinson, Jenkinson) and confidence (Santos). The team were always going to have trouble gelling, especially against a team doing quite well in the Championship. To expect to blow them out of the water would be highly unrealistic. The goals we conceded were poor, but there you go.

        The most important thing from a game like this is going through without a replay and giving our best players a rest. 15 or 20 minutes won’t kill Theo and Jack, and players like Gibbs and Cazorla have been overplayed and could do with a breather. So, overall, mostly positives for me.

      4. Vote -1 Vote +1Wang

        Agree on Ox & Jenks. The worry is that bar Jack, our team seem to play down to the worst level & energy of each other (whereas, Wilshere seems ‘mentally strong’ enough to rise above the morass).

        Commented extensively on Ramsey in Tim’s West Ham post. Still not sure of his defensive abilities after this one. He’s excelling at the simple passing element of the role, but got dribbled twice by Diame and seem to remember him getting dribbled badly early in the match against Brighton – like he jumped in for a challenge and was easily skirted (not on Player until Monday sadly). Overall, he’s better at that role than the creative one for sure, and certainly improving on last year, but still a squad player I think.

        You’re right to make excuses for a lot of the squad, but still no excuse for Wenger to have a squad in need of excuses…

      5. +1 Vote -1 Vote +1Tee Song

        Exactly what I’m thinking. That’s our expected level of defending. Poor defending from a corner? No pressure on the a wide player who had all the time in the world to pick out a cross? Losing track of a center forward? All expected, unsurprising, typical examples of Arsenal “defending.” What would be shocking is a clean sheet for a 1-nil victory.

        And Santos regressing as a defender after a season at Arsenal? Also typical. We’ve had a few do that. Senderos had a promising half season until Drogba terrorized him all the way to Fulham’s bench. Gallas was ok his first season until his meltdown at Birmingham. JD was part of our best defensive partnership two seasons ago. Kozzer was our best defender last season and a ticking time bomb this season. Has TV5 ever played as well as his first season? Clichy was probably the BPL’s best left back for one season in 2007-08. Why is it that our defenders never seem to continue to improve after promising starts?

      6. +4 Vote -1 Vote +1craig

        The Koscielny example doesnt work, his second season was an improvement on his first. Mert either, this season he has been better than last. TV 5 was more impressive to me in his second, but not by much, This season he has taken some stick, but Arsenal’s defensive record is far better and he has played a lot, so I think some of it is conveniently forgettting he always has gotten caught upfield, he just used to contribute more offensively… But Zonal Marking has called him out for charging in too far upfield for a couple years now. Clichy was outstanding for a few seasons, and Sagna has been consistently good until this season. Gibbs has progressed dramatically as has Jenkinson, although some of that is age and game time. Toure went from striker to excellent defender! Obviously Senderos, Djourou, and Eboue all work well for players who regressed. Santos has always been defensively prone to errors… since day 1, but he used to be prone to moments of brilliance as well. Today was his first game back and obviously he was kind of terrible, but he needs some time to see if he can get back to where he was last season. On the whole I think the Arsenal kill defenders argument rests a great deal on choosing some examples and ignoring others.

  5. +1 Vote -1 Vote +1Yan

    Flat tyre, flat spare tyre, no hardware minutes from the match. Watched only 2nd half on a stream. I can say that it feels good to bring the victory from the bench! Yeah yeah yeah… Shocking defending etc etc. Get use to it. It wont get better this season. We just have to outscore everyone. Granted. Some matches will be harder (impossible), but we are scoring damn it!

  6. +2 Vote -1 Vote +1caribkid

    Consulted my attorney and we mutually decided we had enough legal grounds to sue Tim for corruption of a non-minor. Followed his “DRINK” advice and now my GF won’t even speak to me.

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