Arsenal 0-1 Blackburn: pajamas and crocs

Arsenal slipped out of bed and padded to the kitchen to put on the kettle. She rinsed her favorite mug and fished in the cupboard only to find that she was down to her last bag of tea.

Not a problem, she thought, one cup would be enough to get the day started and feeling full of that famous British resolve she walked triumphantly to the fridge to get the milk. The carton was there but as soon as she lifted it from the shelf she knew it was empty. “Paddy…”, she said under her breath, and just then she envisioned him drinking straight from the carton, tipping it all the way back to get the last drop. Standing there bathed in the light of the open refrigerator door, he probably held the carton over his head and danced around like he’d just won the FA Cup against United on penalties. Then he closed the lid and put the carton back on the shelf, shutting the door with a little grin.

One cup of tea to start the day was one thing but not having milk for the tea was another matter entirely. There was nothing for it but to go to Sainsbury’s and get some supplies. Milk, a tin of biscuits, and perhaps some chicken for dinner.

She slipped on a pair of Crocs (with the fur inside) and looked down at her pajama bottoms. The thought crossed her mind that perhaps going out in public wearing pajama bottoms and Crocs might not be the most dignified way to go shopping. “Folks need to be respecting themselves and not going in public looking like they don’t care about their appearance.” is what her father would say any time he saw someone wearing even sweat pants in public, he would probably have a word with a young lady if he saw her wearing pajamas. But Arsenal looked at her pajamas with their cute little hearts and thought “no one will be up at this hour, and besides, I can pull this look off. It’s all about attitude!” And with that Arsenal tucked her hair up under her hat, blew herself a kiss in the hall mirror, and breezed off to the supermarket.

Sainsbury’s was brightly lit, the food all lined perfectly, but ultimately as dull as one expects from a chain grocery store. There were a few other shoppers, some of which gave Arsenal a look but she just shook them off and stood in aisle 5 taking her time picking out the perfect biscuits.

Arsenal looked through all the different cookies Siansbury’s had to offer. She couldn’t just pick any brand, she had to read every ingredient; the biscuit needed to have some fiber, some whole grains and not too much fat. They couldn’t have too many carbs, no high fructose corn syrup, and certainly no preservatives either. She stared at each package in turn, picking it up, looking at the packaging, then the ingredients and then picking up the last package and comparing the two.

This went on for an age. 80 minutes in real time but to the people working at Sainsbury’s it seemed more like time had frozen around this poor woman. Standing there in her pajamas staring at biscuit tin after biscuit tin, getting slightly excited about one and putting it in her basket before taking it out and comparing it to the next.

After about the 80th minute, a man walked by the biscuit aisle, turned and walked back to check if he had seen what he thought he’d seen. He cocked his head, furrowed his brow, and walked straight at Arsenal, who was standing there comparing the Newman’s Own Oreos to the Mother’s Circus Animal cookies.


“Arsenal?” His voice crept into her conscious like a velvet fog. “Arsenal… Arsenal.”

She turned and there was Jack smiling at her but looking down at her with concern. Oh Jack, she’s carried this torch for so long and and here he was freshly showered and well put together with a nice sweater and pair of expensive jeans. He even had on a pair of nice suede shoes.

“Jack, love, just picking up a few things. How are you?” She tossed the Mother’s cookies in her basket and flashed him a smile but it wasn’t the confident, poised smile that Jack was used to seeing around the neighborhood. This was the toothsome grin of woman who felt unsure.

“You doing ok? You look a little…” his voice drifted off and he looked down at her pants.

Arsenal was flushed. Suddenly self-conscious, she looked up at Jack and just smiled again, “I’ve got to get home, mother’s sick and I’m here just getting some things.” And without another word, she spun around and turned down the aisle toward the cashier. It was as if she suddenly had an urgency and purpose to her day.

For the last 10 minutes of her time at Sainsbury’s Arsenal didn’t even stop to wave goodbye to Jack, she just picked item after item and walked purposefully from one task to the next. Arsenal saw Jack in her peripheral vision and she could feel him staring at her, but she didn’t even look at him.

When she got home, Arsenal stopped and looked at herself in the hall mirror. It was exactly as bad as she imagined. “I shouldn’t have gone out like this.” She said to no one. “Jack’s never going to forget that.”

She took the bag of groceries to the kitchen and put the kettle on again. Dad was right, dad is always right she thought as the kettle started to warm up. Folks need to be respecting themselves and not wear pajamas and crocs in public. It takes just a few more minutes to put on a dignified display.

Pants. I wasn’t even wearing pants. Jack must have thought I was a crazy person.

She pulled the biscuits out of the bag and set them on the counter. The kettle went off and Arsenal poured the hot water over her tea. As the tea steeped she walked to the fridge to get the milk.

The milk. She forgot the milk.


42 thoughts on “Arsenal 0-1 Blackburn: pajamas and crocs

  1. Vote -1 Vote +1ChitownArsenal

    Wow, terrifically entertaining on a grim day. Jack might start to eye other women at the market I fear.

  2. Vote -1 Vote +1londoncalling12

    I remain speechless by what I saw at the Emirates today.

    With the exception of Nacho and The Coq everyone was dross today.

    …..not one of the players had a saving grace- get out of jail card.

    Bayern could field their 2nd stream team and beat us comprehensively because we forget we are the Arsenal and the fast tiki taka football of days gone by have escaped….and now Diaby is our Controller…..and we are fucked

    Arsene Wenger was shouting and yelling at Diaby throughout…..and every time Diaby tried …he missed.

    It was my birthday celebration and I was more annoyed about this game than my age which is now closer to the Autumn season than late Summer.

    For once and hopeful in the future I will not blame Arsene Wenger…because that team on the pitch was good enough to win that game…. because Blackburn was dross, I mean really awful.

    Diaby slowed down the game to the standards of Blackburn….and not once did he make a killer pass or carry the ball forward…..and don’t make me start on G Force.

    I am very very disappointed….and having spent £1400 on a season ticket…I will be reverting to Red membership next year as long a Diaby and Gervinho remain as players of the Arsenal.

    Not good enough….Arsene must have sworn at them at full time…..

    P.S. We will not come 4th in the EPL. Our season and confidence is dented and the downward spiral started today, and on Tuesday its will be nailed solid…..I’ve seen it far to many times n the past. Apologies for the pessimism….but Its was such a disappointing day

    1. Vote -1 Vote +11NiltotheArsenal

      The truth hurts and no apology needed. Great comment. – always appreciate your perspective as a ticket holder. Looking for Chary’s take as we’ll, if you’re out there.

    2. Vote -1 Vote +1begeegs

      Sorry mate, but how can Diaby be blamed when all 3 forwards are standing around statically and not moving? Thus the dilemma of Diaby (and Arteta). I think that Rosicky did ok, because he ran at defenders (at times), but the front 3 were dreadful. No movement with the exception of the Gervinho run (and awful miss – at least test the keeper).

      1. Vote -1 Vote +1Wang

        Gerv actually looked decent for most of the game, looking more confident after the ACN. He was the only vertical threat we had before 70′ and only Monreal and Coquelin had more motor than him before Rosicky woke up when he saw the subs being readied. And though everyone says Gervais should have scored, if you look at the reverse angle, Kean did excellently to close him down and eliminate the angles – it would have taken a crafty chip or bend to beat the keeper, not one on the ground.

        If it’s on one player, then it is Diaby. He’s maddeningly inconsistent like Szczesny. Even in this game he had a beautiful throughball to Rosicky that set up the Gerv chance, but other than that, he was completely lateral. The system doesn’t work with two deep lateral midfielders. That’s why Jack has been so brilliant, and why Song was a big loss. The vertical threat in our game comes from the player in that role (except on counter-attacks) – Jack does it by dribbling, and Song did it with amazing through-balls. He finds the #10 between the banks of four who then shoots or picks out one of the strikers, as they make runs inside toward goal. Without that play, we could only move the ball around the outside of the 18 yard box and relied on wasteful and inefficient crossing. The force field was up again yesterday.

        If I fault Arsene for anything, it’s not getting the tactics across to his players properly, and taking off Rosicky when it should have been Diaby. We’ve played this same lateral game several times this season with the same result, and it’s a problem that should have been eliminated by now. Our B team should have been able to beat Blackburn. The selection was fine – imagine if Jack had started and been injured, then people would be raging when 4th and CL fell out of even the most skeptical supporters’ dreams. Let’s just hope the squad is extensively rejigged in the summer.

  3. Vote -1 Vote +1Teampossible

    I have been refraining from commenting lately due to not having anything new or meaningful to say, and until something drastically changes at the Club, I probably will still try to swallow the bitter spit I have in my mouth every time I watch this Arsenal and refrain from spitting it out.

    But today’s post is simply unbelievable.
    I have a hard time controlling both my man crush on Tim’s brain for writing this and the feeling of depression coming out as a result from reading the same. So, Tim, my hat’s off to you, I haven’t missed a day with your post and probably will keep on reading until you keep on writing. You have my sincerest respect.

    I thought you would have finished with her accidentally dropping the last cup of tea on the ground. But your last line is even better.

  4. Vote -1 Vote +1alabamagooner

    Tim, I have no idea what you do for a living, but you are quite simply a brilliant writer. I’m just glad you do this as a hobby. This was wonderful…probably wouldn’t have made me so sad if I didn’t care so much. And, see, I’m not mad at her. And I don’t think she’s shit. I just feel bad for her. I want it to turn out alright. Is that what you were going for? You sentimental bastard. ;)

  5. Vote -1 Vote +1Big Gun

    The buck stops somewhere. We can moan at players all day long, but someone has to buy, pick and play those players. That man is Arsene Wenger. He needs to resign next season and we need someone new in who actually knows what the fug they are doing.

      1. Vote -1 Vote +1Jack Action

        Really? Not one iota? These are his players, that he has brought in… so if you say it’s all on the players, then he takes responsibility for bringing in these players. But it’s more than the players… there is no tactical nous with our club, no adjustments for opponents or available roster players. Wenger is no longer doing what he’s supposed to do with his team – draw the best out of them on a consistent basis.

  6. Vote -1 Vote +1Ssinderias

    I still love her, I do. Under those pajamas, she is still sexy. Just kept it all hidden today.
    Thanks Tim for brightening my day!

  7. Vote -1 Vote +1Bunburyist

    I felt a bit gay reading your post, Tim. I was at once attracted and repulsed by this transgendered “Arsenal” figure. It’s a club full of men, but rendered allegorically as a woman. Sort of like looking at the titlepage of Hobbes’ Leviathan–except in this case a lady constituted of many little men.

    As for the game, well that was truly appalling. Some ‘highlights’:

    1) Gervinho is a really poor footballer, and has been for some time. Did anybody watch him for Lille? Was he ever that bad there? Do you really think we scouted him for any length of time? Really?

    2) If Diaby is “key” for Arsenal, as Wenger claimed not long ago, then we are completely fucked…though I suppose it’s an indication of how tenuous a grasp on reality Wenger has these days.

    3) What’s happened to Chamberlain? It’s been some time since I’ve seen an Arsenal forward so wasteful. Age is on his side, but he’s going to have to improve drastically to ever make it at this level.

    4) Szczesny is another with age on his side, and has shown glimpses of greatness this term, but once in a while he shows just how far he has to go. You don’t parry a shot into the center of the 18-yard box. You parry it to the side and hopefully out of touch. Even the Blackburn keeper knew how to do this. Almost every keeper in the Prem knows how to do this, and on shots with equal or more ferocity than Szczesny saw today.

    5) The only players who emerged from this game with their pride intact were Monreal, Rosicky, and Coquelin (after an few unsteady moments at the start of the game).

    1. Vote -1 Vote +1caribkid

      How could you omit “Wonder Boy” Theo from your comments. He was right beside the Blacburn player when he made the run and just stood with hand on hip. Ever since he has proclaimed himself as a striker he has forgotten his defensive duties.

      1. Vote -1 Vote +1Jesse Coole

        I agree, he is a lazy little sh*t, and he does it all the time. If you do that at United, you have Evra, Ferdinand, Vidic and Carrick giving you evils that would burn a hole through you. At Arsenal, everyone just drops their heads. I feel we need far more recriminations, far more finger pointing. Players need to be accountable, but other than Jack their are no characters in the team.

  8. Vote -1 Vote +1matt

    i just don’t even really know what to say after today, it’s as if we just let it go at half. almost as if something clicked off. not saying we were amazing in the first because a lot of credit has to go to blackburn….but it seems that things have gone from bad to worse and i am seriously starting to get that pit in the depths of my stomach feeling asking what is needed to turn this season, no…the future of this club, around.
    2010 when we still had cesc we were close, everyone said that the ingredients were there, but it was missing that key ingredient to move us to silverware
    then, like clockwork after cesc left, we saw nasri then clichy…and most recently a pairing that was years in the making…song and RVP. further we moved from touching silverware.
    let me be clear in saying that some of those players were on borrowed time and needed to leave, as they were most definitely like cancer in the dressing room. however it is comments like this: “but unfortunately in this meeting it has again become clear to me that we in many aspects disagree on the way Arsenal FC should move forward”, that still sits in the dark place of my mind. where are we going from here, hat is happening to this club? what do we need to do to change it (in a realistic way)??

  9. Vote -1 Vote +1Geoff

    Not even an emergency carton of long life milk in the pantry. She has so many helpers yet no-one helps.

    I know how the end of an era feels, seen it first with Bertie Mee and lastly with George Graham.

    This is sadder as Arsene was greater than all and has financial resources every predecessor could only dream. Sad and acutely painful

  10. Vote -1 Vote +1jaymin

    weird team. i have long been used to the idea that we cannot compete on the pitch with United, Chelsea, City, etc., but we should have creamed this team on quality alone. I think Wenger makes us better than we would otherwise be, and i am loath to think about what would happen if we were left without him and stuck with Team Positive Gunners’ dream team of Kroenke and Gazidis, but maybe a little short term suffering is what we need? I wouldn’t be surprised to see us batter Bayern Munich on Tuesday btw, like 3-0. A very weird team. I see Tim has fulfilled a long-held desire and eliminated + and – from the posts once and for all. luckily competition is ripe in the Arsenal blogosphere.

  11. Vote -1 Vote +1Sari

    as sad as it gets, your post is absolutely brilliant. You’re a genius writer. I’ve nothing to say about Saturday’s game, it pissed me off, really pissed me off. I had a nauseating feeling right after the whistle blow.

  12. Vote -1 Vote +1Cliffy

    I am sitting here appreciating the beauty and craft of your writing…but the blunt truth in it is far from cheering me up…

    I stepped into the game half an hour late on telly, missed the pre-match news as well…
    I was fairly confident that given our resolve and mental strengff, this was a game we could see off…This is more or less, a weaker than side which we saw off 7-1 a year back.. And its not like they have set the championship alight with their presence…

    The only thing I was worried when I started seeing the match was that we would be sluggish and frail at the defence…but by the end of first half I was convinced that it is only a matter of time before Blackburn conceeded.. Just because, they were desperate to get set pieces to go at us..and we were getting our posession right up their nose…We could see the defiant defending from them..but then we were having 70% posession and Rosicky was doing great…Gervino was getting Chances, Giroud was mixing it up well, Oxley was running at defenders…Diaby was teethy in tackles despite his sluggishness…

    I was quite surprised when Wenger made a triple sub…something he does probably once a season..and bringing in the best players, showing that the intent is to kill the game off and not leave it late. Blackburn capitalised on that sudden change over and before the three men warmed their feet on grass..they scored a lucky goal..a speculative punt and a bundled rebound…i should say, i was taken aback a bit..but not so worried…

    This is a quality team that Arsene had and had enough drive in them to score one in…I waited and waited and grabbed hold of my lucky puppy and waited..I still thought after the ref blew the whistle, that somehow they will overturn the rules and make the game a two legged one.. We tried hard…we made so many chances…its just that they defended extremely well…

    Blackburn had one lucky day…where their goal had a leather magnetic field which would repel the ball off…

    After the match I checked up blackburn on bbc….6 goal conceeded in the last 10 matches prior to this..They have had 5 shut outs…They had conceeded only 1 goal in their last 4 matches..We were up against a team that was going to defend all night and were successful at it…

    Champions league and 4th place…here we come!!!!!

    1. Vote -1 Vote +1Bear

      That is exactly why I am worried Blackburn may have conceded six in the last 10. Bayern actually conceded seven in the whole season adn scored who knows how much in a better league than blackburn. I am for sure not saying it will be impossible but I genuinely fear for tuesday…

  13. Vote -1 Vote +1naked goon

    10 years ago a “weak” Arsenal went to Old Trafford and totally outplayed a full strength Man Utd in the FA Cup.
    Team full of professionals, who knew how to do their jobs from the first minute.
    Every opposing manager must be overjoyed when they see Diaby is playing, he will give you enough time to re-tie your laces before you make a tackle.

    Very bad show. Anyone else for Michael Laudrup at the helm?

  14. Vote -1 Vote +1WENGER: Old French lover. All kissing and no penetration

    Yes I know Championship sides have quality and backbone and teams should never be under-estimated and all that. But honestly Arsenal should have won this game easily 3-0. Can’t see any other top four team losing this match. So Birmingham, Bradford, Blackburn. Why should I be surprised? The writing is on the wall. It is us stupid fans who need to believe, dream and hope that Arsenal will play football and not beach soccer with a beach-ball. Arsenal is a prostitute but we cannot see that. Then you get the well-oiled PR machine that controls Wenger’s mouth and we forget out girlfriend is a hooker.
    Yes Wenger has other strengths. Especially when he had players like Dixon Winterburn Keown Adams, Pires, Bergkamp, Viera and Henry. So his strengths belong to the great players and teams he was fortunate to have. His weaknesses? How many times do we play against teams that park the bus? How many times do players put in a sterile performance? Over and over again. His tactical substitutions are abysmal. Here is his great failure. The team had no drive, leadership and balance. The substitutions were easy today. Take Giroud off. He did not touch the ball. replace him with Walcott. Walcott wants to play there and his movement and pace would have upset the defensive structure of BR. Take off Diaby. He is on drugs again. And replace him with Jack. Rosciky had the form to play some one twos with Jack and Theo. That should have been done in the 50th minute if Arsenal had not started and remained in fifth gear. Towards the end you may have put Santi on. After all Jack and Santi play a very similar game. While Gervinho is hopeless and missed his chance he still created some havoc on the left and the same goes for AOC. They were no-where as ineffectual as Giroud and Diaby. Why wasn’t Giroud that got the through ball from Rosicky instead of Gervinho? By the way where is Vela and Miyachi? How about Gnabry or Eisfeld. At least something different! Was Diaby playing a holding role with Arteta against a team that parked the bus. Where are the one-two-threes’ on the edge of the box with players running into the box to drag and move defenders away? At least Roscicky, AOC, Theo, Jack, are much better than the rest in playing and unlocking deep lying defences. While my substitutions seem like a tactical answer it was those three, Jack, Santi and Theo that can at least play some fantasy stuff.
    Wenger’s strengths are those of a CEO. His weaknesses were there to see today and in fact have been there to see for the last 8 years. Yes play your style of football but what we have seen lately is far from the fantasy football that was his brand. Yes I understand a system should trump any tactical initiatives. The Invincibles proved that but with a lot of blood sweat and tears. That this team lacks. As someone else wrote it is as if the Emirates is like going to Wimbledon and the Arsenal players conduct themselves like members on a Saturday afternoon social tennis match. Did I see anyone really try to lay siege to the castle? You must do anything and everything to break down the castle. Even a Trojan Horse. What is the reward. Well. It is simple. Blackburn Rovers have to come out from behind the castle and play. This is where the better team scores another 2 or 3 goals.
    So the problem is that these players cannot play fantasy football. That might be the reason Arsenal have been listless, spineless, cowardly, sterile for the last few years. No really great players to spark this team into life. Except for as we have seen recently Santi and Jack. Forget about any spark or leadership from the back. Walcott just prances around, He is no leader. Arteta might be but he is hanging on playing a defensive midfield position. Gervinho looks like he has been bitten by a Tsetse fly. So too with Diaby. Rosciky is fragile and no leader. Podolski new and often on walkabout. So let’s put all the load on a 21 year old. Great management Wenger! The defence as a force? They are an accident waiting to happen. See the League Cup Final against Birmingham and most of the recent matches against Manure and of course that pitiful 4-4 against Newcastle. How on earth does this team concede a goal to Blackburn Rovers. OK so the team has no clue going forward but do we have a defence. Sagna playing at centre-back made Per, Vermaelan and Koscelny look like the idiots they are. How can Sagna produce the best centre back performance of the last few years and he is not even a centre back???
    So don’t blame RvP, Viera, Nasri, Clichy, Song, and Fab for wanting to leave. If there is no real quality and no real spirit then there is nothing keeping a player from staying. Time to go. They are simply leaving a club that is a business rather than a football team. Arsenal is no more special than Tescos or Sainsburys’. And fans talk about loyalty. Loyalty to what? A Profit and Loss sheet that sits on Wenger and Kronkes’ desk? Or to blood splattered over that great red shirt?
    All things come to an end. Player and coaches come and go. Thank God it is only a matter of time before Wenger leaves. He is an old French lover. All kissing and no penetration.
    Can we beat Bayern? Yes if all play at a fantasy level. And when they do it is delightful. The problem is as we have seen on many occasions over the last few years they really cannot sustain it at all.

    1. Vote -1 Vote +1Slugboy

      I think you have encapsulated a lot of what I think in this reply. We are buying young (hopefully improve but not ready yet) and average players. We also have such a turnaround in senior players that nobody ‘owns’ the dressing room.

      I thought we played well yesterday (completely controlled the game), but had a general lack of world class quality in attack. We could have won 3-0 on another day. Regarding the defensive frailty, I think yesterdays mistake was due to lack of tracking by Theo. Coq had challenged his player but the Blackburn midfielder just ran through unchallenged.

      So what can we do? We need competition in every place. Theo needs to know that if he does not track back, he gets dropped. We need a quality striker who can score consistently. We need to stop playing youngsters just because we spent loads of money on them. If they are good enough they play, if they still need to learn, then they should be in the reserves. The example yesterday was ox, who made poor decisions all the time. He’s just not ready yet. generally too, our wingers are not great (poor at crossing and getting past their defender)

      Finally, we need to sort out how to turn corners into real opportunities. How many did we waste yesterday? Its been the same for at least 5 years.

      I’ll not give up on Arsenal, but I do hope that we sort out the buying of players that are clearly not world class

  15. Vote -1 Vote +1SPECTRUM

    What is the difference between Arsenal and a teabag ? The teabag stays in the cup longer. WENGER OUT, and out NOW !

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  16. Vote -1 Vote +1Gerry Lennon

    I love a cerebral response to a very disappointing result. Thanks for supplying it!

    The blog that is. Not some comments?

  17. Vote -1 Vote +1Femi Odulaja

    Well written piece! As for the Arsenal as a team, I have given up hope years ago and just watch with fleeting glances. You must be a masochist if you are expecting anything close to greatness from this toothless bunch of players. The irony of all this is that come Tuesday, they might actually come good against all odds, and Le Prof will come out again to tell us how ‘great’ and ‘mentally strong’ his players are. Its like a badly made Assylum production movie on endless loop..

  18. Vote -1 Vote +1Arun Ramachandran

    hi.. i’m dentist from india. i’ve never once commented on your posts.. but i read them every night, wth cup of tea at 11.30 my time. your writing is a pleasure to read, but you’ve outdone yourself this time. it reminds me of chekov…one of my all time favourite writers. dont stop writing about the arsenal.. you can make the ultimate triumph..our triumph.. such a wonderful story

  19. Vote -1 Vote +1Cliffy

    Ok…here is what happened…
    I got grumpy of the result whole night…flipped around in the bed..
    woke up in the morning and checked the score to see if it was just a nightmare and realised its not…
    so didnt have breakfast…
    went out for a brunch with wifey….checked out some stores…some crocs..some pajamas..

    and in the end came back home with a Podolski T-shirt…I wanted to buy Rosicky but then the name was smudged in the fakes..

    I love Arsenal..I love this team…Blackburn is not going to change that….

  20. Vote -1 Vote +1marek

    It’s always the same, over and over. The weaker teams won’t go toe-to-toe with us (if they do, they get ripped for 5-6 goals), so they put 10 men behind the ball and we can’t break them down.

    A free-kick specialist would help. Not only with free-kick goals, but maybe it would also make teams less likely to foul.

    Better corner routines would help. Arsenal have no problem winning corners, because we attack so much and other teams don’t fear Arsenal corners.

    I’m not sure how much more improvement can be made with the quick, short passing game vs. the 10-man defense. Arsenal can’t upgrade to a Messi, so what’s left?

    Paradoxically, I do think we have a better chance with Bayern. They won’t rely on putting men behind the ball, because they don’t think they have to.

  21. Vote -1 Vote +1jop

    Someone else mentioned it recently, but I concur, more enjoyment is in reading and interacting with blogs than the team itself these days. Shit. We’re just like the bloke who can’t stop playing the slot machines even though he’s only got 3 bucks left he needs for the bus.

  22. Vote -1 Vote +1Tee Song

    I know a lot of fans are pretty angry right now. Heck, I’ve gotten angry at times. But right now, my overwhelming emotion for this season is sadness. Watching a once great manager who can no longer motivate his players is like watching a punch drunk Ali lose dismally to Larry Holmes. It’s sad watching players who won’t fight for the manager who shows so much faith in them. And yet, when Wenger asks for full commitment from his players, I think those players (and fans) have the right to ask whether Wenger himself is “all in.” For want of a few million pounds, he fails to strengthen the squad despite sitting on tens of millions of pounds in the bank. He fails to address defensive issues which have been apparent for the past four or five seasons. The squad is always two or three players short and making the same basic errors season after season. That’s not the behavior of a manager who’s 100% committed to winning. Wenger is coasting, living on his reputation and doing enough to get by but not fully committing to his squad. And I’m not even sure he realizes it himself. The players don’t commit 100% because the manager doesn’t demand it from them or himself.

  23. Vote -1 Vote +1Arse and finger is back

    Ha ha ha ha you wankers.As arse anal were going out yesterday all I could think of is you tim.i would just like to say ha ha ha ha ha.#itsover.

  24. Vote -1 Vote +1TRoberts

    I notice, on many blogs, that people will talk about this being Arsenal’s best chance at a trophy (and now tossed into the garbage) and why would Wenger seem to be looking forward to the Champion’s league on Tuesday as opposed to this match against a very beatable Blackburn team. I do think the team put out there should have been good enough and being fringe players, should have put in a massive effort to seriously go hard and fast at the Rovers.

    One thing I have not noticed anyone mentioning, and could very well make decent sense (or I am just fishing for roses at the bottom of a shit barrel) is that Wenger knows gathering up that 4th place trophy this year (CL qualification, or rather CL play-in matches) is looking very tough indeed and that since he rates CL qualification higher than the FA and League Cups, that he would make a go at the other form of CL qualification: winning it. After all – if Chelsea can do it, why not the Arsenal?

    I don’t put too much credence into this line of thinking, but since when in the past 3 or 4 seasons has ANYTHING Wenger done been considered worthy of genius status?

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    This week will be a watershed week for me personally. I have three young kids and I have steered them all into being Bayern Munich fans, because I didn’t want them cursed with cheering a club in decline like Arsenal. So for the first time since I became an Arsenal fan in the early 90′s, I will be pulling against the Arsenal, for my kids sake. And I’m OK with that. Bayern will destroy this team.

    And I will be raked over the coals for saying this, but a big part of me will be hoping we don’t make the top 5 this year, because that’s the only way we’ll be able to purge the club of Wenger and his laisse faire management style that is getting us increasingly diminished returns.

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