Jose Mourinho, given the wealth of the Czars, won 1 FA cup and 2 league titles, but he also likes to remind everyone that he won the milk cup twice and the charity shield once. Only a megalomaniac would count the Charity Shield, or Mourinho.

Arsenal v. Chelsea: stats preview

0-5-4: Arsene Wenger’s record against Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea. It’s a stat that “means nothing” according to Jose Mourinho. The complete record is below:

  • 29 Oct, 2013: Arsenal 0-2 Chelsea (League Cup fourth round)
  • 6 May, 2007: Arsenal 1-1 Chelsea (Premier League)
  • 25 Feb, 2007: Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal (League Cup final)
  • 10 Dec, 2006: Chelsea 1-1 Arsenal (Premier League)
  • 18 Dec, 2005: Arsenal 0-2 Chelsea (Premier League)
  • 21 Aug, 2005: Chelsea 1-0 Arsenal (Premier League)
  • 7 Aug, 2005: Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal (Community Shield)
  • 20 Apr, 2005: Chelsea 0-0 Arsenal (Premier League)
  • 12 Dec, 2004: Arsenal 2-2 Chelsea (Premier League)

Arsenal have scored just 6 goals against Mourinho’s Chelsea sides and only two goals once. Chelsea have scored 13 goals and two goals 5 times. 19 goals in 9 matches is an average of just 2.1 goals per match. This is ironic considering it was Jose Mourinho who coined the term parking the bus. Playing to a 0-0 draw against Tottenham, Mourinho said:

As we say in Portugal, they brought the bus and they left the bus in front of the goal. I would have been frustrated if I had been a supporter who paid £50 to watch this game because Spurs came to defend. I’m really frustrated because there was only one team looking to win, they only came not to concede – it’s not fair for the football we played

2 of those matches were closer than you might remember. The 1-1 from 2006 required a wondergoal from Essien at the end of the game to preserve Mourinho’s unbeaten home record. Incidentally, Flamini was the Arsenal player who scored in that match (Hleb assist). And the 1-1 in 2007 where Arsenal took the early lead off a Gilberto penalty, Chelsea had Boulharouz sent off, and again Chelsea were rescued by Essien. Eboue had a chance to win in the 93rd minute but his shot crashed off the bar.

4-1-8: Arsenal’s record against Chelsea since Mourinho left. Chelsea have scored 25 times in those matches and Arsenal just 15. 40 goals in 13 matches is an average of 3 goals per match.

  • 20.01.2013: Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal (Premier League)
  • 29.09.2012: Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea (Premier League)
  • 21.04.2012: Arsenal 0-0 Chelsea (Premier League)
  • 29.10.2011: Chelsea 3-5 Arsenal (Premier League)
  • 27.12.2010: Arsenal 3-1 Chelsea (Premier League)
  • 03.10.2010: Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal (Premier League)
  • 07.02.2010: Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal (Premier League)
  • 29.11.2009: Arsenal 0-3 Chelsea (Premier League)
  • 18.04.2009: Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea (FA Cup Semi-Final)
  • 10.05.2009: Arsenal 1-4 Chelsea (Premier League)
  • 30.11.2008: Chelsea 1-2 Arsenal (Premier League)
  • 23.03.2008: Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal (Premier League)
  • 16.12.2007: Arsenal 1-0 Chelsea (Premier League)

The last two times Arsenal faced Chelsea (without Mourinho), the Blues were a bit lucky to get the wins. In September of last year, Chelsea took just 10 shots, with just one shot from the danger area — Torres’ opening goal where he clearly fouled Koscielny but the referee saw nothing wrong. Both Chelsea goals were scored off set pieces taken by Juan Mata. And then in January, Mata scored the opener after Ramires wrecked Coquelin in midfield and Lampard scored a penalty. That was Chelsea’s second shot from the danger area. Mostly, Arsenal kept Chelsea shooting from distance and in the second half, looked the far better team.

Juan Mata has scored in each of his starts against Arsenal (4).

Theo Walcott scored his first Arsenal goal against Chelsea in the League Cup final.

He has since scored a total of 5 goals against Chelsea, his second best haul against any one team. (Newcastle – 6, Spurs – 5, Chelsea – 5).

Mike Dean has refereed Chelsea more than any other team, 51 times.

Arsenal are second on his list, 47 times.

In Dean’s last 20 League matches with Chelsea, the Blues have only lost twice, both times to Man City.

In Dean’s last 20 League matches with Arsenal, the Gunners have only won three times.

Arsenal have won the last two matches that Mike Dean refereed.

Arsenal led the League in possession for every season since 2011, Arsenal are currently 9th in possession and Chelsea are currently 3rd best, but that’s largely because of their home stats: they are only 7th best in away games.

In home games, Arsenal are 4th in the League in tackles per game with 21.1, in away games Chelsea is 4th worst in tackles per game with 17.6.

Chelsea are 3rd best in shots per game in away games with 16.3, Arsenal are 9th best in shots per game on home games with 14.5.

Arsenal are 9th best in home defense, allowing just 10.9 shots per game (number 1 is Southampton with 9.2),

Chelsea’s away defense is 4th best in the League, allowing just 11.6 shots per game.

Arsenal, however, have forced the opposition to take 56% of their shots from outside the 18 yard box and the opposition are converting just 3% of those shots.

In the last 4 games, Chelsea have taken 53% of their shots from distance and are converting an amazing 11% of those shots.

In the last 4 games, Chelsea have allowed the opposition to take 11 shots in Prime Areas (the 6 yard box plus the area in front of the penalty spot) where they have scored 5 times and have only taken 13 shots in those same areas where they have scored 4 times.

In the last 4 games, Arsenal have taken 17 shots in prime areas and have only scored 3 times but the opposition have taken just 11 shots in prime areas against Arsenal and have scored 5 times.

All five of those goals were in the Manchester City match.


PS: Will post tomorrow, Tuesday, my thoughts of the week. Hopefully Arsenal get a win!


18 thoughts on “Arsenal v. Chelsea: stats preview

  1. Vote -1 Vote +1Zeddington

    The stats are intriguing, because it looks like games between Mourinho and Wenger in the League have been tight (I discount the cup games because of rotation and what not). So what does it mean? That was a weaker Arsenal team, a stronger Chelsea team, and yet we always competed (and ultimately drew or lost).

    The Mike Dean stats are dismaying to the max, but we did win our last 2 games with him, so who knows.

    I think, ultimately, what decides this game will be the weather. Apparently it’s a mess in London right now, to the extent that there were concerns the game would be called off. We don’t play well when the weather is crap, and that might work to the advantage of a Chelsea team that will likely sit deep and wait for us to make a mistake as we try to go for the win.

  2. +5 Vote -1 Vote +1Tim

    What’s really weird is how Arsenal lose with Dean but he doesn’t do anything obvious. You know,if he gave all the pens to the opposition, but instead he basically does nothing. So, you have to complain about his non-calls. Which is very difficult to prove without sounding crazy.

    1. Vote -1 Vote +1Zeddington

      And in the end, it was a combination of all of the above. Bad weather, a bafflingly (/predictably) inept (/effective) Mike Dean, a cravenly Chelsea performance*, and a toothless Arsenal.

      * Seriously, who takes off their striker at 1-0 against an Arsenal team that have been well contained all game? Craven.

    2. +2 Vote -1 Vote +1Tee Söng

      I’m going to sound crazy but a straight red card tackle by Obi Mikel and a pretty strong penalty shout for Walcott NOT called. I’m going to sound even crazier by stating that by not calling the Obi Mikel foul, he can now claim that he didn’t really see it. If he’d whistled it, he would have had to produce the red card. I wonder if there will be retrospective video review. Of course tackles like these are not nearly as threatening to the integrity of the game as emotionally charged obscenities. And Mike Dean’s legacy lives on.

    3. +1 Vote -1 Vote +1Shard

      Especially when the TV commentators brush off even obvious incidents, while their cameras sometimes don’t show replays of obvious ‘errors’, thereby whitewashing those incidents from collective memory..

  3. +3 Vote -1 Vote +1Tee Söng

    Belief is funny thing in sports. Looking at the points total of the three seasons, chel$ki have 210 vs 211 for us. That fact would surprise most people but the reality is that they’ve been living off the Mourinho v1.0 team for close to a decade now. Some of those players, notably Drogba, have left and those that do remain can no longer be counted on to perform as well as five seasons ago when they were in their prime. And yet I think players like Cech, Cole, Terry, Ivanovich, and Lampard still will be confident of beating us simply because they have consistently done so previously. For our players, beating both ManUre and chel$ki represent significant psychological hurdles because we haven’t been at their level for so long. I think that’s one reason we lost to ManUre already. I think that beating big teams is one of the last psychological barriers that teams which haven’t won a title but aspire to it need to overcome. Might as well start that process tonight.

  4. +3 Vote -1 Vote +1Caribkid

    On the overall run of play a draw was merited. However, 5 seconds and a misguided ref cost us the game. The non red card on Obi and the non penalty call on Theo were certainly decisive as we potentially would have gone 1 up whilst facing a 10 man Chelsea squad.

    Extremely difficult to see how Dean got both those calls so wrong.

    What is even more difficult is to see supposedly intelligent analyst’s on the international news stage trying to defend the ref’s decision on the penalty call. “It was a foul, but not hard enough to warrant a penalty” they cried. Duh, a foul in the penalty box is a penalty.

    Losing my faith in the “honesty” of this game. Beginning to remind me of professional wrestling.

    1. +1 Vote -1 Vote +1Tee Söng

      Well I suppose if the overall run of play excludes huge officiating mistakes, yes a draw was merited. Chel$ki fans will rightly point out that Lampard missed his shot by an inch and they made some poor decisions on the break. But we all know that games like this are decided on very fine margins and often turn on individual errors. We made some errors and Chel$ki almost punished us for them. They made two big defensive mistakes, Obi Mikel’s red card foul and Theo’s penalty shout but were able to get away with them because of Dean’s bias. I refuse to call it incompetence, it’s bias. Chel$ki, true to Mourinho’s word, parked the bus and played for the draw. Fair play to them, with Dean’s help, they got exactly what they wanted.

  5. Vote -1 Vote +1dy

    a draw may be a fair result but I’m disappointed by the performance, or non-performance of Ramsey. Seems like his play has been under-par for the last few games. More than anyone at the team, he’s been immense when Arsenal is on song. When he’s great, Arsenal wins.

  6. +3 Vote -1 Vote +1Shard

    I was quite proud of that performance. We knew what Chelsea were about, and we saw almost from the off what Dean was about (Asslickingcunta on Ramsey), and made every effort to not gift Chelsea the game. Not by us, and not by Dean. That caution, combined with the weather, and Dean/Chelsea conspiring to break our momentum through foul play, violence, play acting and time wasting, meant that offensively we didn’t produce too much. Only one team played to win that game though, and it wasn’t Chelsea. It would have been really sweet if we could have produced the sucker punch near the end, but not to be.

    1. Vote -1 Vote +1nycgunner

      Can’t say I was very happy with the performance – we did okay but we need to do more if we want to win these games. We all know Dean’s a twat. We know Jose is a snake. We know Chelsea is a pack of thunder cunts. Nothing happened in that game involving those people that surprised me.

      I think defensively we were solid for the most part. Arteta had a good game. Sagna was Sagna. Both TV5 and Mertesacker read the game well. Gibbs worked tirelessly all game. Yet I think we fell short tactically once again. The lack of subs was baffling to me. I read the boss’s comments about not wanting to unbalance the defense. I cant figure out how taking off Theo would have been detrimental to the defensive balance in the side. Cazorla was our player of the season last year but he wasn’t featured in either the Man City or Chelsea game which is very puzzling. I understand he’s not been in his best form but in a game as tight as yesterday’s all it takes is one moment of quality to completely change everything.

      Ramsey had a horrific first half and but grew into the game in the 2nd and provided a real moment of quality with a lobbed pass to Giroud who really should have, at least, tested Petr Cech. We need a striker who can score in big games and that’s really all there is to it. It’s all well and good to have a striker who can hold the ball and helps out in defense but if you look at all the top strikers in the world (or the top strikers we have had in the past), there is one thing they all do well and that’s to score goals on a regular basis. That’s what we are badly missing right now.

      Going back to Ramsey, I think he needs a rest. That first half from him was the stuff of nightmares. I give him credit for getting back in it and he was pretty upset with himself after almost giving away a goal but this happens too often in big games. Maybe coming off the bench for a game or two won’t be a bad thing. Ozil needs a break too. I don’t want to slate him too much as this is his first season in the EPL but his biggest involvement last night was getting in Ivanovic’s face and as much as I enjoyed that, I’d rather see him nutmegging John Terry to set up Theo.

      The biggest positive that I can think of right now is that we still have the highest points total along with Liverpool despite going through a very tough period while Liverpool still has to play both City and Chelsea soon. However I also feel that Man City is going to start improving their away form so we can’t afford to drop too many points. They won away at Bayern and I think that’s going to give them belief to start performing better away from home. It happened to us, so it can definitely happen to them. We should still be in the mix but for us to sustain the challenge we’ll need players like Ramsey and Ozil to be at their very best which means they need to be given time to rest and recover. We have a squad full of talented players so hopefully Wenger will start using players like Cazorla & Podolski – but most importantly, buy another striker in Jan.

      1. Vote -1 Vote +1Tee Söng

        I was an avid NBA fan before I discovered the joys of European football. The Detroit Pistons of Bad Boys fame had a four year run in the late 80′s when they made the Eastern Conference finals and then three consecutive finals of the NBA championship. Prior to that, they were a distinctly average club and had never won a title. In their first Conference final, they lost to the defending champion Boston Celtics in seven games. The following year they beat the Celtics and made it to the championship final but lost to the defending champion LA Lakers in seven games after taking a 3-2 series lead. They finally won the title the following season and followed that with a second championship the year after. While the Pistons were going to three consecutive finals, a certain Chicago Bulls team with Micheal Jordan were a rising power. Detroit eliminated the Bulls three straight years on their way to the finals, including beating them in the Eastern conference finals twice in a row. The Bulls finally beat the Pistons in their fourth consecutive playoff series on the way to their first NBA championship. Until the Bulls drafted Jordan, the franchise, much like Detroit, had never won a title.

        What I’m trying to say I suppose is that the step from possible champions to actual champions is not an easy one. I think that it may be a bigger hurdle than going from possible top four contender to title contender. Sometimes it takes a couple of seasons for a team to develop the belief, deep down in their guts, that they deserve to be champions. Chel$ki are contenders not because their squad is appreciably more talented but they have the belief that comes from knowing they’ve done it before. I firmly believe that by keeping this squad intact and adding needed depth and quality, we’re contenders for the title. Not favorites, but contenders. Actually winning the title may take a little more belief, tactical nous, and cutting edge than we currently have but maybe this team will grow up a little quicker than anticipated.

        As for Ramsey, he may be tired but he also may be suffering from the weight of expectations. It’s one thing to be the most improved player of the season, scoring goals for fun and enjoying the spotlight because you’re performances exceed fans’ and pundits’ expectations. It’s another when teams are paying extra attention to you and you’re expected to consistently maintain that high level of performance, even and perhaps especially against high quality opposition. On an individual level, it’s parallel to a teams quest to be title winners. He’s 22 and trying to take the step from a talented player with unfulfilled potential to a consistent match winner. He, like the team, is bound to have some stumbles along the way.

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