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Arsenal v. Liverpool: stats preview

Read these stats and remember that anyone can be negative, it takes real courage to see that history is against you, that the odds are against you, and believe that you will overcome.

-Arsenal have failed to advance past this round in 7 of the last 8 FA Cup runs

  • The last time Arsenal made it further than the round of 16 was 08/09 and they were stopped by Chelsea 2-1
  • Drogba scored the winner

-In each of those runs, Arsenal were stopped by defensive specialists (except v. Chelsea and Man U)

    • Blackburn 0-1
    • Sunderland 2-0
    • Man U 2-0*
    • Stoke 3-1
    • Chelsea 2-1 (semi-final)
    • Man U 4-0
    • Blackburn 1-0
    • Bolton 1-0

-In Liverpool’s 5-1 win at Anfield in the League last weekend, Arsenal dominated 57% of possession
-In the last 8 FA Cup matches they have lost, Arsenal have almost always dominated possession

  • Arsenal 54%-46% Blackburn
  • Sunderland 45%-55% Arsenal
  • Man U 45%-55% Arsenal
  • Stoke City 49%-51% Arsenal
  • Arsenal 46%-54% Chelsea
  • Man U 56%-44% Arsenal
  • Blackburn 42%-58% Arsenal
  • Bolton 49%-51% Arsenal


-In Liverpool’s 5-1 win at Anfield in the League last weekend, Liverpool took 22(12) shots to Arsenal’s 11(6)
-In the last FA Cup 8 matches they have lost, Arsenal took more shots than the opposition 6 times

  • Arsenal 26(12)-5(2) Blackburn
  • Sunderland 8(1)-10(6) Arsenal
  • Man U 8(3)-18(11) Arsenal
  • Stoke City 3(2)-7(5) Arsenal
  • Arsenal 3(1)-11(4) Chelsea
  • Man U 21(12)-4(1) Arsenal
  • Blackburn 6(2)-12(5) Arsenal
  • Bolton 11(5)-13(7) Arsenal

-The astute reader will note that only two of those FA Cup games were at home

-Howard Webb is the referee tomorrow and Arsenal have won a single cup match with Howard Webb as Referee

  • Webb’s first cup tie with Arsenal was the 2-1 loss to Chelsea in the Community Shield in 2005
  • Arsenal’s record with Webb in cup ties is P7 W1-D1-L6 F7 A13
  • Liverpool’s record with Webb in cup ties is P5 W3-D1-L1 F5 A2

-Arsenal’s current leading scorer in the competition is Nicklas Bendtner with 7 goals in 13 appearances
-The last time Bendtner scored in the FA Cup, he scored a hat trick (Leyton Orient)
-Arsenal’s next leading scorer in FA Cup matches is Rosicky with 4
-After that is Walcott with 3 in 18 and Giroud with 3 in 5
-Lukas Podolski has 3 goals in 3 appearances
-Poldi has only played 187 total minutes of FA Cup football, meaning he scores a goal every 62 minutes on average
-Luis Suarez has not bitten anyone in this competition this season
-Luis Suarez has also not scored yet in the FA Cup this season
-Sturridge has the best scoring record of any player on either team with 10 goals in 14 appearances for Man City, Chelsea, and Liverpool
-Neither Sturridge nor Suarez have ever scored against a top 4 team in an FA Cup match
-Two of Rosicky’s 4 goals in the FA Cup were scored against Liverpool

18 thoughts on “Arsenal v. Liverpool: stats preview

  1. +1 Vote -1 Vote +1mepukori sailepu M.

    liverpool is always a tough opponent. having thrashed arsenal 5-1 in their last meeting, arsenal stand a better chance to prove their doubters wrong. remember arsenal are at their home soil and they have a good defensive record at emirates stadium. the last time they conceded a goal is when they drew 1-1 with everton. they kept 11 consecutive cleansheets in that run

  2. +4 Vote -1 Vote +1nycgunner

    Just fucking win.

    I’m headed to The Blind Pig to see this match. Last time I was there, we lost the tin cup final to Birmingham and I haven’t been able to bring myself to go there since. I hope that can change.

  3. +3 Vote -1 Vote +1craig

    It’s always great to have Fox back broadcasting. When I really want pure, unadulterated stupid, I can count on those two.

  4. +4 Vote -1 Vote +1Nikki

    The first thought I have after we win was going to this site and congratulate Tim for this post. The first paragraph really etch in my mind. Brilliant.

  5. +3 Vote -1 Vote +1Tee Söng

    Well courage summed that game up. It was courageous of Wenger to rotate the squad when his instincts were probably screaming to start his strongest 11. The whole squad showed courage, fighting and scrapping for each other when Liverpoo were the more fluent side. Sanogo might be raw and unpolished but he battled and held his own. And the Ox showed courage, never hiding, taking his opportunity with ice cold conviction, and driving the team forward in a MOTM performance. It may not have been pretty, was perhaps a little lucky, but it was what we needed.

    1. +1 Vote -1 Vote +1Tee Söng

      You’re right. It was just so nice to see what this team can do with some pace and directness on the flank.

  6. +5 Vote -1 Vote +1craig

    Fox: they finish the way they start.

    Suarez dives for one, they focus on how Liverpool should have gotten the second. No mention how it balanced out.
    Agger gets hit after missing a goal, Cazorla gets kicked, studs up, head high, after missing one. They only mention Agger.

    At least they did mention that it was only pro-Gerrard bias that kept him from getting sent off. Although they only mentioned it as a yellow.

    I had forgotten just how much I hated listening to those two monkeys for years.

    And Sanogo reminds me a lot of Adebayor before he got lazy and completely … well, Adebayor-ish.

    1. +4 Vote -1 Vote +1Tee Söng

      Fine, Ox’s foul on Suarez was a penalty. The pundits assure me that these calls even themselves out over the course of a season. I’m pretty damned sure that if you added up all the free kicks and penalties Suarez has “won” by diving, all the yellow cards for simulation that he should have accumulated when he dives and the refs just shake their heads dramatically and allow play to continue uninterrupted, and then subtracted the free kicks and penalties he’s been wrongfully denied that the ledger would be still be strongly in Suarez’s favor. I would go so far as to say it would take about ten legitimate penalty denials to “even things out” as far as Suarez is concerned. Consider this the first payment. Geez, it’s not as if Arsenal have never been denied a legitimate free kick, penalty, or card. Like Agger’s late foul on Cazorla in the penalty area or what should’ve been Gerrard’s second yellow.

      And maybe, since refs refuse to brandish yellow cards for simulation, the deterrent against diving should be that players with a deserved reputation for going down easily is that when they do fall theatrically to the turf, refs have a higher standard for calling the foul. I don’t understand how refs are not supposed to take a players past history into account when judging whether or not such players are fouled. I mean the reason why diving is bad for the game is that it makes an already difficult job next to impossible. And if Suarez gains an advantage by diving, which he has, then his reputation should be a disadvantage.

  7. +5 Vote -1 Vote +11NiltotheArsenal

    Liverpoo were profligate, especially Sturridge. He should be tying his teamates’s shoelaces as well. MOTM clearly has to be the OTHER Pole in goal. He was a stud today. Remarkable performance turning aside shot after shot especially so because he doesn’t feature for us. That may change now as surely other teams will be in for him. It would be a luxury and a boon if he stayed at Arsenal next year. Thanks, Lukas, you truly were Fab.

  8. +1 Vote -1 Vote +1Rogers

    We replied Liverpool fantastically. Its a good motivation 4 d team as we welcome Bayern at home. THX oX FOR THE GOOD PERFORMANCE, Giroud should still rest for Bayern

  9. +4 Vote -1 Vote +1ctpa

    MOTM: Fabianski who made quality save after quality save to preserve this win for us. In fact, he made Suarez and Sturridge his biotches with saves he made on them.

    The doubters can now slink back into the stygian deep until Wednesday.

    When we have speedy players (exhibit A: Ox) willing to get behind the defense and willing runners into the box (exhibit B: Podolski), we get C: goals.

    A craftman is not suppose to blame poor tools for shoddy work but one would have to say that Özil had better ‘tools’ to work with in this game.

    Referee Howard Webb introduced 2 new rules today. Rule #1: Suarez is allowed only one PK per game whether it is legitimate or a dive that earns it.
    Rule #2: England’s Captain does not get more than one yellow card per match.
    Howard will get back to you with the exact citations for those rules.

    Wenger needs to speak to Flamini about his accessorizing his kit with yellow stickies.

    If Sanogo is willing and the creek don’t rise, he maybe become a useful player.

    I’m glad that Monreal finally realized he needed to jump those diagonals from Gerrard because once he did that, they were no more.

    The first 20″ were alarming for the ease at which Pool’s passes allowed Sturridge to ‘channel surf’ his way through our defense. We made an ‘adjustment’, at least I’d like to think we did in that we applied pressure up the pitch and Sturridge disappeared until late in the 2nd half.

    1. +1 Vote -1 Vote +1Dr. Gooner

      I think it was just two extremely good passes for DS. You can’t keep a team as good as they are without chances. Much more problematic was when Suarez dribbled around Koscielny in the box, when Stirling dribbled around both Ox and Jenkinson, and the stupid challenges in the box by Podolski and Ox. I guess what I’m saying is once we settled into the game, we coped with their quality, except when we made a couple of individual defensive errors. Even then, others were able to compensate. It was a tremendous team performance.

  10. +4 Vote -1 Vote +1Dr. Gooner

    Five random observations from today’s game:

    1. Rotation is nice when it works out, and today it did just that. When your second choice fullbacks and goalkeeper, a 20 year old PL debutant, and a squad player on the verge of being frozen out can produce a performance like that, in a game of that intensity, it bodes very well indeed. #SquadDepth

    2. Our first look at Sanogo, and although it’s far too early to tell, it looks like he might have what it takes to play at this level. Some of his passing was horrendous, but his ability to get involved in the play and occupy Liverpool’s CB’s, competing with them physically at such a young age, is a very promising thing. The best effect though is the one it may have on Giroud. Suddenly, there is a threat to his place not only in this squad but in the France team as well. He will have to up his game.

    3. There is lots of gnashing of teeth about Podolski. He played well today and scored, and I’m happy for him. It was probably a bit harsh to substitute him for Cazorla, and he may have buried that chance that fell to Santi, who looked a little hung over. HOWEVER. Cazorla is just a better overall player, and Podolski’s lack of versatility means he is not effective anywhere except out on the left. That’s Santi’s spot, and that’s why Poldi’s not playing. I’m happy that we have him, and we’ll need him.

    4. What a game from Fabianski. I got a little teary eyed when he thumped his chest after the game adn the fans were roaring back their approval… nobody deserves it more after all the injuries and struggles he’s had. I love Szczesny and I think he is rightly our first choice keeper, and our keeper for the future, but what a reserve to have on the books. I’m not surprised he wants to play regularly; any player worth his salt would. And he deserves to as well.

    5. I have to say again that the notion that AW doesn’t do tactics has been proven wrong, yet again. We may not have dominated that game, but he made several notable adjustments in attack and defense. In defense, the fullbacks both stayed home, and Arteta and Flamini stayed close together as well. In offense, it was clear that we were trying to break with speed every time, and the Ox finally provided that runner that Ozil loves to find in such situations. It’s not the using Ox that was brilliant, but how he was used. Also, AW’s substitution of Gibbs was well timed, as it negated the threat of Sterling, and we looked far more secure after he came on.

  11. +2 Vote -1 Vote +1Zeddington

    I was impressed with Sanogo. I’m pretty vocal about the fact that he’s unfairly become a bit of a joke among some fans – a symbol of Wenger’s failings in the transfer market (young, french, injury prone, when we needed to “spend some facking money”), and I hope he’s done a bit to shed that monkey off his back today.

    I was impressed by him physically. He battled well with Skrtl and Agger, and they clearly weren’t happy with him. Some of his hold up play was quite good – it didn’t bounce off him so much, as we often see with Giroud. He has some pace, and some technique too. Also, he seems to have the awareness to get into good positions when we attack.

    The biggest limitations I saw were mental – as in his last game (way back when), he looked very nervous. Who can blame him of course, but sometimes we forget that youngsters can be like that, especially when we’re treated to the confidence of players like Ox and Gnabry. Once he gets comfortable, hopefully he’ll overcome that. The second thing, and this is less major, is he seems to have a bit of a temper. There were some elbows and what not going on, and I wonder if he may see some reds. Still, they say some aggression is good, right? We’ll see. I thought he did very well today, considering the stage, the opponents, and the cloud hanging over the club since the 5-1.

  12. +2 Vote -1 Vote +1Blaque

    This game kinda had it all eh? the verve, sass, madness, clinical finishing and some payback for all the oscar winning awards Suarez was due.

    We needed some element of luck to scrape through but you just cannot admire the ‘fire’ coursing through most of the players on display. A bit miffed despite the ‘protective’ elements the Flamini-Arteta double pivot ought to have provided, a couple of through balls slinkered through onto our goal…..Bigups to Fabianski, should get a role for the sequel to 300 if that’s in anyone’s thoughts in the dynamic world of Hollywood. Loved the energy, let’s plug in those gaps on top of the ‘D’…

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