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One day at a time

Up next, the boys travel to the Hawthorns to take on relegation bound West Bromwich Albion. Currently the worst team in the EPL, by any measure, Arsenal have to be looking at Tuesday and hoping that WBA will provide the cure for our ills.

West Brom won’t be impossibly easy, like playing Arsenal on your XBox or something, but this match will certainly garner Arsenal 3 points. I’m not being over-confident here, because it’s impossible to be over-confident against a team as poor as West Brom. Arsenal are going to win this game, no doubt. If you can watch the match, go watch it, it will give you confidence in the club and I’ll put money on us coming out with a 3-0 win.

I’m confident not from some irrational place but because the things I’m hearing from Arsenal are all very positive. First, Wenger is clearly pissed about what happened with Fulham, responding to the question he stated flatly

I want to win the games and, when we don’t win the games, it’s disappointing. You know how much I want to get into the Champions League. For me, it is not important – it is vital – but you can only play your games and try to win them. I want to be in the Champions League because it’s the best I can be. If I’m not then I’m not happy – it’s as simple as that. You don’t play football to be average. I don’t manage in the game to be average, and the players want to play at the top.

He even went further, when asked what he thought of the fans booing him off the pitch he said

I don’t know whether supporters are losing faith. That is not my worry. What is important is that we show great attitude and do our job as well as we can. Fans turning on me doesn’t worry me, no. Not at all.

Those are both very positive signs. In the first statement you see that the hunger is still there and manifesting itself as an anger. If he unleashes that on the team then I expect them to come out and simply pound West Brom tomorrow. In the second statement, you see his confidence and professionalism. Again, if he turns this on the team they might have their pride pricked and again, that’s exactly what they need.

Did I say 3-0? I meant 6-0!

Ok, all kidding aside, I do think the next match holds something spectacular for us as Arsenal supporters. This squad is going to be up for this game and I expect they will play with Roma-esque fervor. If you remember, Arsenal could have easily won that Roma match 4 or 5 nil, so while 6-0 is me joking around, I really do believe we’ll see at least 2 Arsenal goals, if not more.

The signs that the team are already soaking in this new message are starting to show as well. Arshaviour gave an interview yesterday in which he spoke about the players ambition and the direction the team are headed. I’m not going to include the quotes here because they are in broken English, but the point is that the team feels the pain of this slip in form, acutely.

Good. They should. Something needs to kick them in the ass, I don’t care what it is at this point. Just get it done, take back our Champions League spot. Show us all that we’re wrong. I love being proved wrong.

Some other stories this morning made me laugh. “United to win the quint!” was the first. I was sitting here wonder what the 5th trophy was? FA Cup… Carling Cup… Champions League… Premiership… uhhh… Emirates Cup? Uhhh… Charity Shield? Wait… Club World Championship? LOL. If you’re going to count that, why not throw in the Charity Shield and say United are on target for the sextuple?

Sextuple… I don’t know, that word makes me giggle.

It is an incredible run by United right now, they have basically won every trophy they put foot in since they got knocked out of the FA Cup by Pompey.  They have won 5 on the trot right now and look nigh unstoppable to win several more. It must be seen as vindication for the club standing by Fergie when his squad was so low just a few years ago and people were calling for Fergie’s head.

I wonder if there’s a lesson there for us and Wenger?

There was a bit of schadenfreude in that cup final when Bentley took a gamble on his penalty kick and came up craps. If asked before the match who I want to win between Man U and Tottenham I would have said “I’d like it if David Bentley did something spectacularly dreadful, like miss a penalty, the shit talking little weasel.”

I got my wish!

Now, if I could just get my wish tomorrow against Albion we’ll see a 6-0 to the Arsenal!

See you then.

You’re innocent when you dream

It’s such a sad old feeling
the fields are soft and green
it’s memories that I’m stealing
but you’re innocent when you dream

Tom Waits — Innocent When You Dream

For once in 473 posts, I’m nearly at a loss for words.

The legion of problems with this Arsenal side have been categorically explored. So, it simply doesn’t make sense to say “man, Arsenal sure could use a solid midfielder” because I’m not adding anything new to the stream. You know it, I know it, and Danny Murphy knew it yesterday, Arsenal’s midfield is not good enough. Pointing the finger at Denilson and Diaby for their shameful performances yesterday isn’t going to make me feel any better.

It’s unfair to point at those two players. Sure, they mailed that performance in yesterday, but can you blame them? There’s no competition for their spots, no one on the pitch who will kick them in the ass when they are trundling around doing the bare minimum, and the manager clearly is unable to inspire them to come out and put in the necessary work to overcome Fulham. No, picking on Denilson and Diaby is unfair, they’ve been left to their own devices now for a whole season and this is how they feel they should play.

Left to their own devices? Surely not?

Yes, this team is leaderless, I’m as certain of that now as I am of the fact that this team, while talented, lack that last little bit of class needed to finish these games. This team has no leader, no voice in the locker room, no voice on the pitch, and after yesterday no belief in themselves or each other.

In retrospect, this lack of leadership has been brewing now for two years. William Gallas’ appointment to the spot heralded the beginning of a new leadership philosophy by the manager. A sort of  “grease the squeaky wheel” method of giving captaincy to the players. Gallas was the most petulant player in the club, openly refusing to play at right back in his first season, instead of putting him in his place Arsene coddled him, gave him his favored center back spot, and eventually the captaincy. Miraculously, this worked last year because Arsenal had two real leaders left at the club: Flamini on the pitch and Gilberto off it.

Ironically, the act that saw Gallas stripped of that captaincy was, again in hindsight, possibly the most leaderly thing he’d done in his entire tenure. I say that because we now know very clearly that he was absolutely right. This team is full of drifters. Players who feel they have reached their zenith and have nothing left to prove or learn. I just wish Gallas had chosen to say what he said in the locker room, instead of the French papers because maybe if he’d have gone to the team and had a clear out meeting the boss could have stayed behind the man and used the criticism to get this team off their laurels.

As it happened he had no choice, Gallas had lost what little he had of the locker room and so Wenger put Cesc in charge. At first the decision was greeted with universal praise and the team seemed to respond under Cesc’s “leadership.” But the telling moment for Cesc as leader was when he went down injured. In that moment, he went into his shell, fucked off to Spain, and left the team rudderless at one of the most crucial moments in the season. He complained, rightly, that he’s done nothing but play football since he was 16 years old and needed a rest, a break from the game. But the problem is the team, HIS team, needed a leader and instead what they got was “captain by committee.” It’s incredible to me that the official captain of the squad hadn’t even made a locker room appearance until last week. How could he do that? How could he leave his team like that in the midst of all this turmoil, in the midst of a title race, and just leave them to their own devices?

More importantly, how could Arsene Wenger let him just leave the team like that?  Hell, how could Wenger do half of the things he’s done this year? How could he go after Alonso and when that failed, look to Song as the replacement? How could he retain Gallas as captain after the Birmingham episode? How, the fuck, do we get to the point where we are so desperate for a goal that not only does the manager leave on a clearly unfit Arshavin and risk him for the rest of the season, but his squad is so bereft of players that his only “attacking” option is to take off Sagna and put in Eboue?

The ugly truth is that if the squad are lacking leadership in the locker room and on the pitch it’s ultimately not Cesc’s fault and if the team has players who are happy to float along and put in half-asses performances, it’s not really their fault. We can expect them to be professionals but if they haven’t been properly taught how to be professionals and they aren’t being lead by the manager, then it’s only human nature to do what’s asked of you. It’s the exceptional player who, when asked to do so little, bucks the system and works extra hard. Clearly, this is not a team of exceptions.

Ultimately, this happens because Wenger is not leading them properly. “Judge me at the end of the season” he says in his own defense.


I’m judging Wenger right now, based on the performances this team has put in, and this team, and Arsene’s leadership, have been found wanting. Rather than some great bit of skill, if Arsenal secure 4th place it will be because Villa screwed up — it would be a lucky escape for the Arsenal. That says it all. Wenger has fucked up this season, no doubt.

That leaves all of us with nothing but a dream. Villa had the kind of season-ending collapse today against Stoke that Arsenal need in order to take them. Despite the fact that I think we are more at the level of Everton than Villa, we can dream that this team suddenly wakes up and realizes that they are the Arsenal and not some two-bit team of grifters.

Personally, I remain hopeful the dream will come true because I think Wenger finally realized the attitude of this team is wrong when he said, after the match,

There is a lot of mental investment in the Champions League and we are not mature enough to prepare well and get the priorities right.

The only thing that remains to be seen is if Wenger will take himself and his captain to task for their part in all this. If he does, then maybe it won’t just be a dream.

Arsenal v. Fulham, Liveblogging the 0-0 draw

Chavs are known for their homing ability and are often used as couriers.

6:30: Morning all, I’m still sick, I couldn’t sleep, and I haven’t eaten so I’m in a rotten mood, plus Everton are beating WBA handily in the early game, which would leave us just 1 point off 6th place ahead of the match. Scoring goals is absolutely imperative here: another 0-0 draw would really put pressure on the team.

Fortunately, it looks like the boss is aware of that and has included some surprises in the starting lineup:

Almunia, Sagna, Toure, Gallas, Clichy, Arshavin, Denilson, Diaby, Nasri, Van Persie, Vela. Subs: Fabianski, Ramsey, Song Billong, Djourou, Bendtner, Eboue, Gibbs.

Lessee, we got Arshavin, Diaby, Nasri, van Persie, and Vela gets a start… I LIKE IT! That’s an attacking lineup if I ever saw one.

6:40: Allright, this isn’t fair. I want to hate Martin O’Neill but when the man offers to have the team eat dinner with the fans who traveled to Moscow to watch the Villa crap-fest, it’s very hard to dislike him.

6:45 Wenger big ups Future England #1. I hadn’t really thought about it but he is in top form right now. It was only, what, a month ago that people were calling for Wenger to sign a “real keeper” and now he’s at the top of the heap really. Strange season.

7:03 Kickoff, UP THE ARSE!

7:04 Clichy plays AJ onside and the diminutive striker nearly puts a shot on goal.  GET IN THE GAME GAEL — the last thing we need is to go down 1-0 against this team.

7:07 Nasri shows some graft and gets a foul for his trouble. If that’s a foul, I expect Arsenal to get 100 free kicks in this match.

7:11 Very troubling start as in the first 8 minutes Fulham really could have scored three goals. The back four look very shaky. Credit to Fulham, they are attacking.

7:13 Make that 4 goals. Looks like Fulham has found a new wrinkle on the Arsenal high line and intend to make us pay for our ball-holdery, high line, attacking wing-back football. I’m officially worried.

7:22 Ref is letting Fulham get away with all kinds of fouls in the middle.

7:28 Etuhu is dominating the midfield. Combined with Danny Murphy and Fulham are getting the ball forward at nearly every opportunity and taking the ball away when we do get sight of posession. Funny, but this Fulham reminds me a lot of the invicibles.

7:33 Would anyone be surprised to see a 55-45 possession split in favor of Fulham? Arsenal can’t seem to win the ball back.

7:37 Clichy’s nightmare game continues — he seems totally out of the game as he lumbers back on defense allowing the dreadful Zamora to get in a cross that should have been a goal. The only bright spot right now is the play of Arshaviour who has created some really good opportunities that van Persie has squandered.

7:44 Hey, I have those exact boots. They are really nice and I got a great deal on them via Amazon.

7:48 Fulham have settled back down and are playing to their level again. I expect the second half to start and finish a lot like the first: Fulham will come out looking to steal a goal and play solid defense. What’s Wenger going to do on the 60th minute to break this?

8:08 Second half kicks off and the only changes are for Fulham who change their beard for a stool.

8:12 Free kick in a dangerous spot. Come on Robin, if you want to play for a Champions League team, don’t just bitch about it, make it happen.

8:13 WEAR A CONDOM, MATT! Christ, Arsenal are crap from set plays. Maybe Jet Pinoy Gooner is right, since we suck ass at set plays maybe Arsenal should start taking long range shots?

8:17 Brief spell of attack from Arsenal, but our wing-backs service is pathetic, as Sagna and Clichy ping-pong the ball back and forth between them.

8:20 Corner. Wasted.

8:25 Breakfast. Done. Bendtner. On. Vela. Sucked.

8:30 Take off Clichy and bring on Rambo, Arsenal’s season depends on a goal and right now Clichy is a liability offensively and defensively.

8:32 The boss brings on the Pass Master instead. 6th place here we come!

8:37 Ok, I know I’m being overly negative. The team is playing their hearts out but they just lack that last little bit of quality to put teams like this away and that’s insanely frustrating.

8:42 Arshavin is clearly unfit. Wenger needs to pull him off but the team is so bereft of options that we’re forced to play a guy who is walking on the pitch. As I write that, he gets a shot off…

8:48 5 minutes until the season is over.

8:53 This Arsenal team have given up, they can’t win the ball back. Hell, Arshavin can’t even run anymore.  Which is irrelevant because even off set plays we suck.

8:56 Fulltime — Take a good look at those empty seats. That’s what’s waiting for us the rest of this season and into next. This team is not good enough and that’s all there is to it. I better not see any articles quoting van Persie as demanding Champions League football because he had multiple chances to put us on our way to securing that spot and failed miserably.