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Cesc la Vie, More Human, John Terry blow, and other links. It’s Wedneday’s roundup!

Hey gang! What do you think of the above image? Think it would look good on a tee shirt? Would you pay to have that on a tee shirt? Would you pay ME to print that, box it up, and ship it to you?

I wonder.

More Human

Yesterday, I posted a picture of Alex Song nearly in the buff and as it turns out, it’s part of a publication called More Human which is a special on African footballers past and present ahead of the World Cup. Interesting stuff, check it out if you’re curious. Also, there’s a couple of photos of Eboue in there!

The Dot Com, rumor central

Arseblog pointed it out yesterday, the Dot Com has gotten in on the rumor mongering and I’ll be honest, I’m pretty appalled.  Today’s rumor link is for Buffon (though, look at the actual URL, it lists Suarez and Akinfeev) and what’s really bad about this is not that we’re being linked with the keeper but that when the dot com reports it, it lends validity to this stupidity.

What they are thinking, exactly, is beyond me. Bloggers do this stuff to generate hits, do they really need hits?

You want hits?

SIGN SOMEONE and announce that — I guarantee tons of hits.

Which is the real problem with this in my eyes. I think Arsenal are in real danger of underestimating their fan’s ire with the transfer dealings of the last 5 years. It’s bad enough to publish articles which have Arsene Wenger waffling about transfers; one day the squad is good enough, the next we’re signing 2-3 players, the next day the players have to be “world class” and then next month he’ll be talking about “likeanewsigning” players coming back from injury.  That they publish that stuff drives me up the wall. I’d much rather they just not talk about signings than do this constant bait and switch. But this new angle takes that whole problem and just amplifies it with “official” rumor mongering.

If Wenger doesn’t sign someone not named Chamakh and the dot com spends the whole Summer poking the fans with this crap, they may find themselves with a lot of irate fans in August.

Seriously, stop this.

Why so negative Timmy?

I have gotten a lot of comments about how my site has “gone negative” lately and I thought I’d take a moment to reply.

No it hasn’t.

Thank you.

That’s not an answer, you twit!

Ok, look, think of it this way: yes, I’m feeling a bit down. See, the doom and gloom brigade are probably feeling pretty good about themselves right now. They made all these negative predictions, the negative predictions sort of came true, and now they are sitting back in smug glee as their team is not champions. Or “second loser” as a former reader would have put it.

Me, I was optimistic all year, until about three weeks ago, when the players pulled the rug out from under my optimism with a distinctly  un-Arsenal-like display away to Wigan. At that moment I think we all saw just how poorly this Arsenal team can perform when they (don’t) want to.

For the average supporter, I imagine that they were like “yeah, that sucks, but with injuries and everything it was bound to happen.” For me, though, it shook the belief I had in many of these players. I really believed that Nasri and Diaby were ready to win the title and the fact is that they aren’t. So, as the guy leading the optimism charge it was really heartbreaking and I’m as devastated right now as I was when we gave up against Wigan. Probably if you measured it, I’d be on the opposite end of the scale from the joy the doom and gloomers feel right now.

I know that there are sites who are still buoyantly optimistic and more power to them. This site is basically one football fan’s take on Arsenal and you’re going to have to forgive me if I’m a little down after a run-in which saw us go from title contenders to nearly overtaken by Tottenham for 3rd place.

I’ll get over it eventually (Arsenal IS the greatest team the world has ever seen!) but in the mean-time my posts might have a little gallows humor in them. It’s how I feel right now and I’m not apologizing for that.

Terry takes blow to foot, no word if Vanessa was around

John Terry might have broken a metatarsal training for Chelsea.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wish injury on anyone, but I will say that if he broke his foot it might mean that Sol Campbell could get into the World Cup squad.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

End on a high note!

Lest I be accused of constant doomgloomery I’ll end this on a high note, ok? I see that the U-18′s not only won the title but in doing so Arsenal became the first club to win the title back-to-back, that’s a bad ass fact! Even more impressive is what Tony over at Untold Arsenal points out: Arsenal did so by not using the main players who won it last year.

Players like Jay-Emmanuel Thomas have instead been loaned out to various clubs (and impressed there I might add) and new players have been brought in in their stead. Those players won the title and retained it for the club.

This means that Arsenal basically have a gravy train of young talent who win trophies as kids, go on to play for professional teams and impress, and probably complete their education either in the Arsenal first team or in some other Premier League club.

How sweet is that?

Arsenal v. Fulham: NYC Gunner Picture Special

Hi all, I promised NYC Gunner a picture special if he posted his photos from his trip over to see Arsenal beat Fulham and he’s sent me both pictures and a short video which I can share with you! So, without any further ado, here’s his photo documentary. Click any photo to embiggen.

The Tube

Perry Groves is tin tin!

Our intrepid reporter has his photo taken

The grass IS greener!



Captain van Persie!

Arsenal on the attack

Attack, attack, ATTACK!

The lap of appreciation


And finally, Fran Merida signs autographs for the kids

Here’s a great video of one of Arsenal’s attacks, started by Diaby:

Hope you all enjoyed NYC Gunner’s photos. Looks like a great trip!

World Cup Exclusions Shock and Sadden the World

I’ve said a prayer for Samir Nasri, have you?

Around 2pm local time the twitterverse exploded as the shocking news that Samir Nasri had been left off “Les Bleus fail bus to South Africa” trickled out to World Cup lovers across the interwebs. Apparently, whether or not a player who half-heartedly traipsed his way through an important club run-in is selected for the World Cup is kind of a big deal.

But let’s look at this realistically. Nasri was handed the responsibility of filling in for Cesc Fabregas after the Arsenal captain’s leg was broken by Carles Puyols. In those final 6 games of the season I will admit that Nasri played better in some games than I had seen from him most of the season but for large portions of that run-in he was conspicuously absent. Before the away trip to Barcelona he talked a big game about how he would fill in for Cesc but then he simply disappeared and it was Diaby who instead provided Arsenal’s only moment of inspiration. The other matches were much the same story, Nasri in the middle, supposedly playing his preferred role as playmaker and chronically unable to break down his opponent, except a severely weakened Fulham and a dreadful Wigan defense.

In the big games, he disappeared.

Now, before you say anything, I rated Diaby as worse and even more lazy in our run-in so why he was included in France’s set up and Nasri wasn’t is a bit of a mystery. Frankly, I wouldn’t have taken either. They both strike me as players who haven’t earned the right to be called up. But maybe Diaby’s height provides him with an edge over the already crowded central midfield for the French team.

There is an interesting rumor going around that French Captain Thierry Henry is the one who basically picked the squad and that Nasri was left off because of his history with Titi — Nasri supposedly took Titi’s seat on the team bus back in 2008. Maybe that played a part, I dunno.

There’s another rumor that has Titi telling Domenech to drop Patrick Vieira because he didn’t want the former Arsenal enforcer’s strong personality undermining his captaincy. I’d like to think that Vieira’s rather poor form for Manciti was the cause for his exclusion, but hey, what do I know?

One shock call up, for me, was England’s inclusion of Theo Walcott in the squad of 30. Theo works hard but according to the English press he’s the worst player in the history of England — and he’s retarded. Moreover, it’s a pretty crowded midfield for England and if (BIG IF) Capello chooses Theo as a wing player he faces competition for his place from quite a number of older, more experienced, wing players.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see if Diaby and Walcott make the cut.

Who were you surprised by their exclusion for their Nationalism team? Denilson? Almunia?

Let us know in the comments.