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Sol comes back, Ade in an Arsenal shirt, and Flamini to Spuds; I wish I knew how to quit you

It’s the year 2010…And here at, we find ourselves reflecting…Finding out, that in fact, we came back…We were always coming back….

It’s been a wild 24 hours which capped off a pretty wild transfer week from an Arsenal perspective. First there was the signing of Patrick Vieira by Manchester City after the 33 year old flirted with both Tottenham and Arsenal and only after Arsene ruled him out did he put pen to paper in Manchester.

Arsenal supporters have had a wide range of reactions to Vieira signing for Manciti. Some fans were even dismayed at the thought that he signed for City when Arsenal have a need for a holding midfielder given the absence of Player of the Year candidate, Alex Song. Those fans were dismissed offhand with the simple “he’s lost his legs,”  “he’s too old” or the coup de grâce “Wenger never re-signs former players.” And it’s not like we made those arguments up, they were direct quotes from the boss himself. He was the one who said he doesn’t go back. He’s the one who has steadfastly refused to offer 30 year old players more than a 1 year contract. On and on… And so you’ll pardon me if I find it incredibly incredible that Wenger is very close to, in fact, signing a former player, who is 36 years old, who left us under bad circumstances, and who (by my last account) had lost his legs.

Of course, I’m not second guessing Wenger’s ability to judge a player’s value. Arsene has been working very closely with Sol over these last few months, allowing him to train with the first team, and if Wenger sees something of value there, I trust him entirely. By all accounts Sol is a great leader, he’s worked his ass off in practice these last few months, we know that he’s vastly experienced, and even if he’s just an emergency backup in the center back position and never sets foot on a first team pitch for Arsenal he could still do a great job organizing our defense as a sort of player coach. So, I’m not going to jump on Wenger about this, even if it is a bit odd. I guess the old dog has a few tricks left.

Meanwhile, Sol is even saying all the right things and sounds like he really wants to give back to Arsenal:

I need to get minutes under my belt, a couple of reserve games at least, before I can start looking any further ahead. I hope to sign for Arsenal until the end of the season. There are still a few technicalities to iron out, but I want to sign for Arsenal until the end of the season, and it’s fantastic, great, marvellous.

I’ve missed it and I’ve a gut feeling this is the right move. It’s no longer a hunger to get  back – it’s turned into a craving. I am champing at the bit. I’m fresh, I’m raring to go. It’s unbelievable to be back at Arsenal.

It all sounds good, he’s hungry, he’s realistic, what more could you ask? Well, yeah, that he was 27 again, but aside from that.

And of course the press, spurred on by a Redknapp suggestion, have already asked him about possibly returning for England (eye roll).  Which he dismissed as easily as he used to dismiss burly forwards.

Jay Emmanuel-Thomas rounds off the Sol commentary with this gem:

Yeah, he’s a big lad, obviously not many people are going to go through Sol, let alone around him, so there’s not much you’re going to do when you go up against him.


Seriously, having not seen him play a first team match since last season I have some reservations. Reservations that are sort of quelled whenever I remember that the other center half we have is Silvestre.  So, I’m just going to be optimistic and embrace one of Arsenal’s greatest ever players with open arms.

Welcome back, Sol.

Predictably, Phillipe Senderos has said that he wants to leave and that he’s made contact with several clubs in England. Some folks are suggesting that Arsene has made contact with Everton and is ready to swap Sendy for Saha, but nothing has been confirmed about that as of the time of this writing. Everton have accepted a bid for Lucas Neill which some think clears a spot for Senderos.  Given the weird way this transfer window has operated, he’ll probably make an announcement at 7:01 PST.

Adebayor in an Arsenal Shirt

I really wish that Adebayor would just stop. Every single interview he’s done over the last 6 months has somehow been turned into a piece about Arsenal. First it was the fans, and how we didn’t love him enough, or how Arsenal had American supporters which is why Arsenal fans suck, then it was the boss, then it was Bendtner, and the infamous interview where he had a go at poor Ethel the Tea Lady. It seems like Adebayor is f*cking talking all Arsenal, all the f*cking time.

You have to wonder what his current team, the one who pay him a jillion dollars a minute, think about this incessant talk about Arsenal?

And now, like some jilted lover who carries around a picture of his ex so he can chooch to it every 30 minutes, he shows up in an interview wearing an Arsenal shirt:

An Arsenal shirt… could he not afford new clothes? Doesn’t City have some sharp polo shirts that they could donate? I mean, what the f*ck?

No… it’s plain to see: he’s obsessed. He probably has posters of himself in various Arsenal shirts plastered on his bedroom walls. Hell, I bet he has a life sized photo of him kissing the Arsenal badge over the bed.


Is there a former Arsenal player that Redknapp doesn’t want to sign?

News this morning from the Daily Fail is that Tottenham are looking to make a Bentley of Flamini.

Frankly, Flamini to Tottenham wouldn’t surprise me at all, especially given the way he left us. He was always a mercenary player. When he signed with Arsenal his youth team Marseilles sued us (and lost) but clearly they felt abused by the player when then manager José Anigo called him a traitor and his transfer a “beautiful treason.” Then there was his drawn out contract negotiations with Arsenal where he essentially wanted us to break our pay structure and award him a bonus equal to his imagined transfer fee as his salary. So, I don’t think he has any allegiances except to himself. Which is fair enough.

I do want to point out that no player has ever gone from Arsenal to Tottenham and been worth a shit. The last player, Rat Faced Chav, is now looking for another team to take a gamble on him having worn out his welcome at Shite Hart Lane. So, Matty, if you want to ruin what’s left of your career by being a backup to Wilson Palacios, go for it.

I do have to wonder who’s next on Harry’s radar? Wilf Copping? I mean, don’t let his untimely demise in 1980 slow you down, Harry, I’m sure he has something to contribute to your Spuds side. After all, death is not the impediment it once was.

Plus, even at “dead for 30 years” he’ll probably be a better center half than King or Woodgate.

He’ll certainly play more often than them.

Right, that’s it for the time being. I’ve got another post lined up for later in the day look for it, uhh, later.

Cesc hammy 100%, hopes to find the other 10% + Sol and IUFGNAP

Good day! I said , GOOD DAY!

Well, it’s always a good day when I have injury news to report and it’s not “so and so will be out for the rest of the year with a herniated hernia.” Today’s good news is that Cesc says him hammy is 100% and he’s ready to get some kicks in on Kevin Cyrill Davies at Bolton on the weekend.

My hamstring feels 100% now. The snow may have disrupted the football, but it hasn’t interrupted my rehab.

I could spend the next 1000 words describing how important Jesus is to this team, but I’d only be saying all the stuff that you all already know. Basically he’s very important and it’s great to hear that the rest has done him good. Also, I told you so… I told you that missing that Bolton match last Wednesday would pay off. See, Cesc is healthy.

Arsene having a second Sol?

The news reports are all abuzz that Arsene has done the unthinkable and re-signed Sol Campbell.  Wow. Just. Wow. As you all know, I’m not normally speechless, but this is pretty incredible news to me. He’s 36 years old, he last played for Notts Berry Farm FC, and he left Arsenal spectacularly mid-way through a game and a season. Not only that, but the games I saw him play for Pompey immediately after he looked like he was basically done. So, you’ll pardon me if I have a hard time believing that he has the physical fitness, and more importantly the mental fitness to go up against Predator’s like Didier Drogba.

Then again, who am I to question Arsene Wenger? He’s been training with Arsenal, he’s been working with the kids, and Wenger has praised him very highly, so, there must be something to this.

Oh and one last thing, poor Senderos. I really do like Phillipe. I was at Emirates on a cold February night when Big Phil put a goal past Blackburn to take Arsenal to a 6 point lead on Man U so, I’ve always kinda felt a connection. Unfortunately, that very same season saw him basically reduced to a shell of a player by Drogba and subsequently shipped out to Italy where he rotted for a year.

I guess… I guess these player’s careers are that fragile that a couple of poor performances can kill you off. And Wenger signing Sol (if true) is as clear an indication as there ever was that Senderos is done at Arsenal. Here’s hoping he gets into the right club and they build him back up to a great defender. He’s very young and if he gets with the right system I think he still has a shot. Good luck Phillipe.


The folks over at the It’s Up For Grabs Now Arsenal Podcast have a new issue that hit today and you should give it a listen. Currently, they are the number two football podcast in the US and I’d like to think that me promoting them here has helped. Maybe they’ll give me a shout out on the next podcast? Maybe if we get them to number one?  Here’s a link to their RSS feed, a link to their iTunes account, and their Facebook page.

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