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Newcastle 0-1 Arsenal: the final photoblog of 2012-2013


It started like any other day, champagne and crackers.

Tim Akhil

Some discussion about the phenomenology of the back four…


and how to win at Blackjack (I have read this book).


All together now!

After this, things get weird! They go out  and suffice it to say there are a lot of pictures of alcohol being consumed. Like this:


And this:


And before you know it, it ends up like this:


But hey, it’s not a good night unless someone ends up in a Kevin Keegan wig, Harry Potter glasses, and a pair of pumps.


Time for sleep before the big match the next day


Some time between here and kickoff one of our fearless crew gets his bag stolen. Inside the bag are everyone’s tickets to the match. Despite being pilfered, they all got in: most because Ricky remembered the membership numbers, some because they bought a second ticket, and one because he may or may not have snuck in. Through the club level.

But they all got in. A testament to the perseverance of the modern Gooner!

They did sit all the way up in the nosebleeds.


But the view is actually not too bad.


Even on the other end of the pitch, you can still see what a useless referee Howard Web is!


If you look close you can actually see the ball coming off the wall, which is a whole 6 yards away!


There’s also a great view of the dugouts.


And the technical area. Wenger and Pardew don’t get along muchly.


In the end, Arsenal get the win and the joy expressed by some players is very real:


For others, maybe not so much.


Giroud’s now famous piggy-back of Szczesny.


Did any of you catch Sagna spraying people with his lucozade? Weird.


I saw it live and it felt strange, so too did the line walk up thing. I mean, I get the relief, we all felt the relief, so maybe they are all just fans, like us?


Newcastle got some from their players as well.


But it was the Arsenal who were in full voice after the final whistle.


Everyone was happy


So much love:


Sorry Bale, I know you trademarked that, but I have a feeling that’s going to come back to bite you.


Home safe and look, everyone’s flaunting trademarks!


Arsenal v. Wigan Photoblog: singing in the rain

Quick note, Ras said that the rain was pouring buckets in his section and he didn’t want to get his camera soaked. As a result he was only able to get a few snaps before the match. Still, they are pretty neat and feature a famous shop called Piebury Corner and their amazing pies plus a few shots of the Arsenal fans trudging in to the stadium in the rain.

That’s also part of being a fan, though. It’s not all away days drenched in sun sailing lazily down the Thames to Craven Cottage. Sometimes its just pies with friends and soggy walks up the match.

A match Arsenal won 4-1!

Piebury Corner

Pre-funking at Piebury Corner.Pie and a pint, it’s traditional, though these are made with quality ingredients and named after famous Arsenal players. If you ever get to London, stop there and get a pie.


Or a premier sausage roll! Like the Rocky Rocastle.


Always go with friends, it’s more fun!


That’s the works right there folks. Making me hungry.


Early crowd… sparse.


People always mass around the cannons.


Pouring down rain, people still smiling!


Crowds are getting thicker.


The King watches over his people.

Right, that’s it for today. Tonight (tomorrow in Britain) I will publish Arsenal Letters’ match preview. Until then!


Photoblog: QPR Away, into the sunset

This is Loftus road, impressive

The always impressive Loftus Road Stadium springs forth from the soil like an office building.


Inside it’s almost a traditional stadium: note the poles to help obstruct views. This is traditional.


Kickoff doesn’t start until someone kicks Arteta.


It’s already 1-0 and Wenger looks on as…


The boys come off for half-time. Now here’s a weird thing. I’m sure that Ras didn’t intend to do this but almost every photo has an Arsenal player with their head down. Rosicky in particular was very Emo.

Koz-ArtetaMaybe this is just how they look serious. Set to the task at hand as it were.


Except Sagna, he’s never emo!

wilshere-jenksJack and Jenks warm up at half time.

fancyRas captures this guy in the stands.

booger-cinco-upside-downAnd then this brilliant photo. So the guy on the left is picking a booger. The dude in the middle is playing one of those noisemakers while wearing his quatro de Mayo outfit, the Moroccan flag is hung with care, upside down, and there’s a child watching the game, also upside-down.


Meanwhile, Mertesacker keeps Bobby Zamora in his pocket.


And Emo-Koz contemplates whether Sartre was actually right, do all human beings suck?


“There are some philosophers, who imagine we are every moment intimately conscious of what we call our SELF; that we feel its existence and its continuance in existence…. For my part, when I enter most intimately into what I call myself, I always stumble on some particular perception or other, or heat or cold, light or shade, love or hatred, pain or pleasure. I never can catch myself at any time without a perception, and never can observe anything but the perception.” contemplates Rosicky.


Theo, right at the moment before he kicks the ball. Rosicky, still pondering the Hume quote above.


NO, HUME, I reject your perception of a perception phenomenology in favor of a radical notion of self in contemplation.


The match ends 1-0 to the Arsenal and Jack comes over to cheer Rosicky up.


Koscielny has snapped out of the funk as well and he’s now imperious!

Three lions

Arsenal’s Three Lions applaud the away fans.


And Ras rides off into the sunset.