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Video Scouting: Eredivisie forwards, de Jong, Bony, and Finnbogason

There are three main strikers in the Dutch Eredivisie that everyone in the Netherlands is talking about: Bony, Pelle, and Finnbogason. Outside of the Netherlands it’s Bony, Finnbogason and Siem de Jong.

De Jong bolted to fame with his three goals against Man City in Champions League play, but his haul in the Dutch division is a mere 7 goals. He’s a big player who physically resembles Bolton forward Kevin Cyrill Davies but he doesn’t really play that target man role for Ajax, rather drops a bit deeper and provides for his teammates the way that Robin van Persie did for Arsenal. Actually, come to think of it, the Ajax formation is weird. Your guess is as good as mine for what position he plays. How about… Forward-ish? He’s listed at 76kg and I find that about as believable as me weighing 76kg.

His highlight reel shows that he’s physical and maybe lacks a little bit of that flair needed to be a top forward. But he’s a solid player who is versatile and plays in midfield-ish for Ajax.

The Dutch press, though, are in love with a young Icelandic striker named Alfred Finnbogason and the battle between him and Ivorian Bony Wilfried for golden boot has been fun to watch. Finnbogason plays for Heerenveen and has 14 goals in 16 games. He’s a bit of a slight figure at 78kg and he is a hard-working forward who shows flair and just gets goals. “Bony” Wilfried on the other hand is just a handful. 1cm shorter than Finnbogason but weighing 85kg the Ivorian uses his size to great advantage in the Eredivisie and has scored a number of his goals off headers. He’s not as consistent as Finnbogason in hitting the back of the net but when he is on form he gets groups of goals and as a result leads the Dutch division with 16. The ironically named Bony has the physique to make it in the Premier League and big spenders Chelsea and Liverpool are reportedly sniffing his jock. Still, his transfer fee is rumored to be in the “mere” £15m range which is easily a price that a club like Arsenal could pay. Personal terms might be a bit different, though.

Bont reminds me of a cut-rate Cavani or Falcao who are also on Chelsea’s supposed transfer list.

The Eredivisie have put together a highlight reel of the two of them duking it out for golden boot. It’s a pretty good example of the two players in action.

Please, let me know via the comments if you like, hate, etc this type of report. Thanks.

Oh and one more video for you, just because I could watch this woman eating this popsicle on constant loop for the next 24 hours straight.


Walcott ribbed Ox chipped Bale dived and Falcao falced

The big news this morning is the blow that Theo Walcott took from San Marino’s keeper Aldo Simoncini. I’ve only seen videos and photos but it looks a terrible foul by Simoncini and one which should have been a straight red card. He wasn’t even booked, probably and ironically, because “Simoncini won the ball”.

Unironically, The Daily Mail, who normally have little love for the Arsenal and are quick to defend red card tackles as long as the player “won the ball”, published a pretty scathing review of the tackle and have the best photos of the incident. Go figure.

Walcott walked off the field but then suffered difficulty breathing and had to be stretchered to the changing room. From there he went to the hospital and spent the evening. At least those are the reports I’m hearing. Accuracy doesn’t really matter for this story, what matters is that Gooners panic and say things like “I never thought that West Ham would be Theo’s last game for Arsenal” and “sad end to his Arsenal career, but fuck  him I never rated him anyway.”

I suspect that since it’s October and since his rib is reportedly not broken, we may have Theo to kick around for a few more games. Maybe. We’ll see.

England looked comically poor against San Marino and the score line certainly flattered the home side. The highlights are available on 101 Great Goals and while you watch them, remember these are the highlights. The Ox got on the score sheet for England’s fifth and it was the pick of the litter. Cleverly loses possession while dribbling straight at Ox and the ball goes to the Arsenal man, who simply passes the ball into the upper corner to become “the fourth youngest ever England goal scorer”. After the game, Ox said that he felt relieved to get his first England goal because apparently his dad has been giving him stick about it.

Meanwhile in the Welsh game, Gareth Bale continued the trend of proving me right by both getting fouled and diving at the same time. As I wrote a few days back, there exists the possibility that a player is fouled and also dives. Here in this gif you see that happen again. I know that no one agrees with me but I definitely think Bale should have been booked and that he was fouled.

The other thing that happened in that Wales game is that Aaron Ramsey missed a bunch of chances. Petulantly stripped of the captaincy by Welsh manager Chris Coleman after Ramsey said he didn’t want to play with the man who broke his leg (Ryan Shawcross), the Arsenal man showed real class to play on and keep the Welsh team driving forward. Shame he didn’t get on the score sheet. That would have been the ultimate middle finger to Coleman.

And finally, I’d just like to remind everyone that this guy named Falcao is really good. Really good. Love to see him at Arsenal.

Other stuff happened yesterday too. Discuss that and tell me that I have my head up my ass for believing that a player should be booked for simulation even if they are fouled in the comments below.



Gangam Style Cheerleaders Kick Off Video Thursday

Good Thursday to you all. For those interested in my football analysis I point you to my post this morning on Arseblog News pleading for Arteta to get his first call-up to the Spanish national team.

For those of you looking for something of a more prurient nature I point you too this video of Crystal Palace’s cheerleaders doing the Gangam Style dance thing that my best friends forever posted on Fitba Thatba. I’m not a fan of dance music so, I just turned the music down and let the Cheerleaders rope my “heart” with their wonderful dance.

I applaud Crystal Palace and their use of cheerleaders. This is something that English football could learn from American football.

As for the other videos..

Here are some Arsenal clips from our friends at the YESNetwork.

Olivier Giroud Goal in the 39th minute 1-0 Arsenal

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Goal in the 57th minute 2-0 Arsenal

Andrey Arshavin Goal in the 63rd minute 3-0 Arsenal

Theo Walcott Goal in the 74th minute 4-0 Arsenal

Ignasi Miquel goal in the 80th minute 5-1 Arsenal

Theo Walcott’s second goal in the 90th minute 6-1 Arsenal

Arsenal vs. Chelsea plays

Fernando Torres goal in the 20th minute 1-0 Chelsea

Yao Gervinho goal – Arsenal 1 – 1 Chelsea in the 42nd minute

Juan Mata goal – Arsenal 1 – 2 Chelsea in the 53rd minute

Olivier Giroud takes a shot. Save by Petr Cech in the 73rd minute

Santi Cazorla takes a shot from just inside the penalty box which clears the crossbar in the 89th minute

Close range shot by Olivier Giroud misses to the left of the goal in the 91st minute. (Arsenal’s final chance in the 2-1 loss)