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Man City 1-1 Arsenal: video highlights

Take a break from reading Arsenal’s financial reports and watch some highlights of Man City v. Arsenal courtesy our friends at the YesNetwork.

Jenkinson destroys Lescott and sets up Poldi who blasts into row Z.

Gul Lescott scores

Cazorla with a speculative effort from distance.

Gervinho with a speculative effort from close.

Koscienlny blasts into the top of the net.

Stop talking about Arsenal’s finances and watch some video of the 2-0 win over Liverpool instead

Let’s take a break from all the talk about Arsenal’s finances for a minute.

First some site news: I am still working on another redesign. I need a site that works on all mobile platforms and doesn’t break every time I post. To that first end, the site might look a little more generic than it does now but really it’s the content that you want, right? To the second end, I might have to empty the database of all previous comments. I know, I don’t want to but after four years of this, the comments section of my database is massive and I think that’s what’s killing my site. If I do empty the comments section, I will save them for posterity.

Anyway, enough of that. Here are some videos of Arsenal’s 2-0 win over Liverpool courtesy the YesNetwork folks. The audio is a bit weird because there are no crowd sounds. Anfield’s “famous atmosphere” is usually quite subdued but not this subdued. Someone forgot to include an audio layer, methinks. Anyway, they are still pretty cool videos and are now a feature of the site.

Podolski starts the move, Cazorla pressed the attack, passes back, and Poldi finishes under Reina’s weaker left arm

Sterling with a lovely turn and shot wide. Mannone was in good position for the save anyway.

Agger left all alone on a corner, horriblle miss.

Cazorla withh a nice run, Poldi given plenty of time on the ball in a dangerous place, plays in Cazorla who is unmarked and the liittle Spaniard lashes the ball into Reina’s weaker left arm and scores. Note Giroud’s position at the end of the video: perfectly placed to pounce should Reina have made the save. He’s ready to score, folks. It will happen!

Stevie Vee’s free kick charged down by Arteta

Wish there was a better angle of this tackle, but it’s a toe-perfect tackle from Arsenal’s big German to deny Sterling.

Great tackle by Vermaelen to deny Suarez the low, powerful drive that might have beat the keeper. This tackle is the subtle difference between conceding and a clean sheet. Also, this is something that doesn’t show up on the stat sheet in Vermaelen’s faavor — except as yet another in a large catalog of Suarez misses.