Arsenal 2010/2011 Kit “revealed” REDUX

Arseblog is reporting that Arsenal will be wearing a kit very similar to the kit that Arsenal Insider reported was in the works back in February.

Real or not, what’s fascinating is that the response to the idea of Arsenal making a retro kit here and other places has been overwhelmingly positive.

Personally, I’m struggling to figure out why Arsenal would celebrate the 1971 double season as our 125th anniversary strip. I also doubt highly that Fly Emirates would allow their name to be put in such small print and that Arsenal wouldn’t use the new logo, but what the hell, eh? It’s a nice fantasy while it lasts.

That said, there’s clearly a real desire from Gooners for Arsenal to revisit the red shirt with white sleeves as evidenced by the fact that we have now seen two different mock-ups with the same theme. I’m sure there will be more.

Happy St. Pat Rice’s Day!

As a full blooded American I can tell you from first hand experience that St. Patrick’s Day is probably the worst holiday ever invented by beer companies. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good tipple, but what I don’t love is enjoying said tipple with a bunch of people who were drunk by noon, vomiting by 3pm, and running around in giant beer costumes claiming to be Irish.

Oh, and you have to understand; EVERY American claims some Irish. It’s quite annoying.

So instead of getting drunk with a bunch of amateurs I’m going to celebrate Pat Rice’s birthday (turns 61 today along with a bunch of other people named Pat who are celebrating their birthday on St. Paddy’s Day, thanks Sue!) by sitting at home, sick as a dog, doing some work from home and then passing out in a NyQuil heap. That’s what Pat Rice would do, I think.

So, what else is going on in the world of football and specifically the world of Arsenal? Hmm… well Armand Traore said it’s his dream to play for PSG. That’s one of my dreams too, that he would go play for PSG and Wenger would sign another world-class left back to help shepherd young Gibbs into the role of “best English left-back.”

Seriously, I don’t have any time for an Arsenal player who says that another team is his dream (I’m looking at you Hleb). This team is on the verge of something really special and the last thing we need is some bit-part player mouthing off about his dream being to play for some two-bit Parisian side. We need players like Alex Song, who while suspended for the Hull game, watched the match on television and when Bendtner scored…

I was like a crazy man! I jumped everywhere. I was watching it with my son and he did not know what was happening. But when Nicklas scored I just said ‘yeeeeeessssssss’.

It is very difficult to watch your friends when you don’t play. But I had confidence in my team. We have the players to come in and do well. And now we are in a strong position and we will fight in the games that are left.

The mentality has changed for us. Everyone has in their head that we need to do something this year. It is very important for us.

That’s a proper squad player above, Armand. Love the Arsenal or like Hleb you’ll look back one day and rue the decision to leave.

Speaking of ruing the day, being home sick meant I got to watch the Chelsea v. Inter match live. It was basically a Mourinho built team versus a Mourinho built team and possibly the most boring match I have ever seen. That was the kind of game that most Americans who don’t like “soccer” think of when they say the sport is boring.  Don’t get me wrong, I love defense, in every sport I’ve ever played my specialty is defense, but there’s defense and then there’s the Mourinho set up. He builds these teams that just grind you down and then suddenly steal a goal. It’s boring stuff. The kind of games where you could do something else like make a puzzle and not miss anything.

That said, I’m happy that Chelsea are out of the Champions League and happy that they crashed out again with Drogba seeing red.  They are talking about focusing on the Premier League and all that but that’s just Ancelotti saving his job. He needs to win the League to keep his job and it’s important to note that Chelsea have had more managers than trophies in the last 4 years. Oh what a haul a billion dollars will get, eh?

And finally, a word about David Beckham’s torn Achilles. I feel for him, a little, having torn my Achilles but at the same time I wonder how the Galaxy fans feel about him at this point. I was looking at his game log and over the two and a half years he’s been at the Galaxy with his obscene contract, he’s played more games for AC Milan and England than the Galaxy. I mean, I guess it’s not like he was going to play for the Galaxy this Summer owing to the fact that the MLS is foolishly holding their games during the World Cup and Beckham was likely to play for England but still, it would get on my pecs that this guy is on an obscene contract to play for my local team and he gets injured in pursuit of a World Cup spot.

I wonder how they’ll receive him?

Oh and one last thing. In case you were under any delusion that the FA isn’t a bunch of cowards and that Steven Gerrard is a good sport, here’s the video of his vicious, intentional, assault on Pompey’s captain, Brown.

No wonder people connected to English Football think that Shawcross’ brutal tackle on Aaron Ramsey isn’t even a yellow card, I mean look at what Stevie V gets away with?

It’s Up For Grabs Now… plugs the site

So, did anything happen to you all yesterday?

Not much going on down here, lessee… I have a cold, I have a ton of work to catch up on, and oh yeah the “guys” from It’s Up For Grabs Now, the Arsenal Podcast read my email in their latest podcast and I just want to say, thanks.

For some of you it came across as harsh or a slating but “dudes” I’m an American who writes a daily Arsenal blog I get “slated” for being an American all the time. If I didn’t have a thick skin I wouldn’t be able to do what I do because I know how English people are about us foreigners and especially us foreigners nosing in on their beloved football.

But the crucial thing is that they said they liked the blog and I found their approach to my American-ness actually kind of funny. Those “chaps” do that kind of stuff all the time, make fun of Northerners, cab drivers, everything is on the table and honestly, it felt like the treatment I get every time I’m over there. People love to make fun of my American-ness in London, it’s all part of the package and something you get used to. If anything, their take was probably a bit softer than I expected. Imagine how much they would have ripped me in person if we were sitting around after some beers? And it would all be in good fun.

It was a free plug, a little bit of taking the piss, and I just want to say thanks.

As for Tayo’s assertion that Nicklas Bendtner is currently a big game player I am standing by my argument that scoring once against Chelsea in the 70th minute of a 3-0 blow out last year and the hat trick against Porto are closer to anomaly than proof that he steps up in big games. Don’t get me wrong, I think he could become a big game player but the hat trick against Porto was a one off, rather than a pattern. Here’s his complete scoring record for Arsenal last year: Chelsea, Pompey, Newcastle, West Brom, Cardiff, Hull, Bolton, Plymouth Argyle, Dynamo, Sheffield United, Bolton (he likes scoring against them), and Twente Enschede. His record this year is similar and only slightly better: Hull, Porto, Stoke, Sunderland, Liverpool, Blackburn and Standard Liege.

That record shows he is far more likely to score against relegation fodder than big names like Chelsea. We’ll find out on Friday who Arsenal get to play in the Champions League and frankly, I’d love to eat my words and see Bendtner stuff another hat trick down thew throat of someone like John Terry. I’d absolutely love it.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who said they felt bad for me and that they felt I was abused, I don’t feel that way at all. They’re comedians for fuck’s sake and yes, it’s true, I’m an American and we talk funny over here. If they didn’t have a laugh at my American-ness, I would have said they were slipping.