WoW #2: Sylvie van der Vaart poses for FHM while undergoing chemo

Sylvie van der Vaart on the cover of FHM

Sylvie van der Vaart is adding “survivor” to her list of superlatives. Struggling with breast cancer and undergoing chemo, she wanted to give a boost to the millions of women who suffer from the deadly disease every year:

I wanted to show that with breast cancer you don’t have to hide. You must live life. I wanted to be reassuring.

So she posed for FHM (tastefully) and showed the world that despite wearing a wig and having your body ravaged by cancer killing drugs, she’s still strong, and still sexy.

Sylvie van der Vaart on the inside of FHM

Given how strong she is it’s almost an insult to call her a WAG just because she’s married to Real Madrid midfielder (and some time Arsenal target) Rafael van der Vaart. Maybe instead we should call him a HAP — husband and player.

Bendtner out ’till January, ready to come back “Like a New Signing”

Nicklas Bendtner practices his Om song

To a fan, if you were to say the phrase “Like a new signing” Arsenal supporters would collectively groan and give you an ear full of what they think about that particular Wenger-ism. But we can’t deny that no matter how much we hate to hear it, Wenger loves to say it.

This Summer, getting Rosicky and Eduardo back was our “like a new signing” and Wenger repeated the phrase often with his trademarked winsome grin. And now, with news of Bendtner’s groin suffering a “setback” and the revelation that he will be out until January, arsenal supporters can once again expect that Wenger’s Boxing Day press conference will see him utter the dreaded phrase. I expect something like this:

Yes, we will head into the January transfer window looking for players of top, top quality who are not cup-tied in the Champions League and who are free. But do not forget also that Nicklas Bendtner is due to come back in a few weeks and he will be like a new signing.

So, getting Bendtner back in January “like a new signing” or not? If not, who would you bring in, remembering Arsene Wenger’s pretty restrictive qualities which rule out talent like Edin Dzeko?

Jens Lehmann Takes the Piss, on video

Stuttgart is a potential Arsenal Champions League opponent in the first round of the knockout stages and they have two former Arsenal players, Jens Lehmann and Alex Hleb but only one of those two players felt the need to take a piss, in the middle of the match; Jens Lehmann.

Ahhh, yes, Jens, still crazy after all these years.