I’m so bored I might watch Beckham play “soccer”


David Beckham is scheduled to play “soccer” tonight with his team the LA Whatchucallits against some team from Texas, where they play on sand, and they really hate each other. I guess I’ll watch it just for the handbags that Beckham brings to pretty much every match. 8pm (PST), ESPN2

Tomorrow morning I will while away the day watching Slovakia v. USA and Brazil v. Engerland as I await the 1pm kickoff of the star attraction; New Zealand v. Bahrain.


This just in, Sir Alex Ferguson is personally responsible for all of the wealth in the Premier League. So, before you go and start suing him for defamation and whatnot, remember: Fergie kicked Chuck Norris’ ass.


Yesterday’s contest was lovely and funny and the Random Number Generator did its thing and… frequent commenter, and known Paraguayan, Yan is the winner.  Congratulations, the shirt is in the post.


Citing the fact that the Premier League already has its fill of losers who whine about refereeing, the FA has refused to allow Celtic and Rangers in. Having lost that battle, they will no doubt be blaming Eduardo.

Which brings me to my UK culture question of the day: are Scottish people genetically predisposed to whinging about things? I mean, Ferguson is Scottish, right? And he whines constantly. Celtic still hasn’t forgiven Arsenal, and I’m half Scottish and I’ve been known to go on a whinge every once in a while.  So, I wonder, do Scots have an overdeveloped sense of injustice?

I await your answer in the comments.


Frank Lampard was rushed back from Doha when it was revealed that the flight that the FA chartered for the England team didn’t have places for these pampered sports stars to lie down. Seriously.

I mean, it was almost a 7 hour flight and without a proper first class cabin, there was no place for Lamps to lie down, which caused him to complain of cramps, and which subsequently caused him to tear his quad during sprints.

Initially it was thought he would be out for 6 weeks and would miss the Arsenal match, but it’s now down to 3 weeks and by the time he’s rested and gets a warm pie on the injury, I’m betting it’ll be a miraculous recovery.

Too bad, I was hoping for Deep Vein Thrombosis.


The FA is hiring David Dein to bring a nice, orange glow to their 2018 bid for the World Cup of Nationalism. I can’t wait until he builds their bid up and then stabs them in the back at the last moment.

And FIFA released it’s monthly Preposterous Pronouncement, timed to coincide with Nationalism Week, that it will no longer give two fucks what player’s agents do! I’m really struggling to figure out what FIFA does, exactly.

There will be more of this tomorrow, unless the Beckham game puts me into a coma.

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Poll; Would You Demand Your Team Give Back a Trophy it Won by Diving?

It’s the 89th minute of the Champions League final and your favorite player goes down in the box on what looks like a heavy challenge from a defender and you’re screaming for a penalty. To your relief, the official points to the spot despite heavy protestations from the opposition. As the teams are lining up to take the penalty the instant replay shows that there was no contact and that the penalty winner showed all the classic signs of a dive: back bowed, arms flailing, mouth agape in agony.

Your captain steps up and wins the penalty and your team goes on to lift the Champions League trophy 1-0.

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