Arsenal v. Hull; Cesc out, Denilson in, Wilshere on loan?

Holy shit, it's Maverick and Goose!


8-10 days, it’s a minor tear. If he’s not back for Villa he’ll be in the squad for Pompey.


Should be ready for Villa

Denilson and Eboue:

Both are fit and will play tomorrow.


Out at least until Jan 6th against Notlob.


Another three weeks, Everton maybe?


Could be back for the West Ham FA Cup match.

Jack Wilshere:

Evidently, muscle-necked club bouncer/Burnley manager Owen Coyle spoke to Wenger about possibly taking Jack Wilshere on loan. Wenger admitted that his is thinking about loaning him under the condition that he gets to play. Wenger still needs to speak to Wilshere, who will have a say in the matter but  Wenger likes the idea because Burnley plays football.

On Telly?

The world’s least reliable web site, Fox Soccer Channel, is broken, still. But I managed to find a listing for the Arsenal v. Hull game: it’s live on FSC in the U.S. and kickoff is 9:30am PST. In England, the match is available on ESPN, enjoy.

For those of you who have internet but no television, stop by here tomorrow at 9am (PST) where I’ll be liveblogging the match. It promises to be a Yule-Tide carol of jokes, rants, observations, and silliness. Hell, this will probably be bigger than Viagra, do join.

Arsenal draw Porto

I also won the Charity Shield; NEVER FORGET!

I also won the Charity Shield; NEVER FORGET!

Just a little while ago Arsenal drew Porto in the first round of the knockout stages of the Champions League and if there was ever a time to fire up the conspiracy theories it’s today.

Stuttgart were the team that pretty much everyone wanted since they are the weakest side and they seem to be reeling from Jens Lehmann taking the piss. Naturally, holders Barcelona drew them.

Inter Milan barely got through their group stage, coached ably by Megalomaniac former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho. Naturally, Chelsea drew them.

AC Milan’s star player is former ManU player David Beckham, who is teaching Americans about “soccer” by flying off to Italy every winter. Naturally Manchest Untied drew them.

And as we all know, UEFA hates Arsenal and Porto were probably the toughest team of the runners up with players like “Hulk” at their disposal who will probably tower over our Lilliputs and “smash” them to little pieces. So naturally, Arsenal drew them.

The full draw:

  • Stuttgart v. Barcelona
  • Olympiakos v. Bordeaux
  • Inter Milan v. Chelsea
  • Bayern Munich v. Fiorentina
  • CSKA Moscow v. Sevilla
  • Lyon v. Real Madrid
  • Porto v. Arsenal
  • AC Milan v. Manchester United

It’s Up For Grabs Now Podcast, Henry’s Smuggling Onions, Barca Barking, and Italy Melo’s on Felipe


Henry gives a new meaning to “hand-ball”

Kickette caught Thierry With his pants, erm, up?

Oh god, they’re Barc-ing, now

The World’s Least Reliable News Source is reporting that Barcelona wants to pay Arsenal £40m for Fabregas this Summer… SIGH

The ballon d’ merde goes to…

Former Arsenal target Felipe Melo has been named Italy’s “Flop of 2009″ beating out Klaas jan Huntelaar by a country mile.