2 signings in one day, more players linked, and other nonsense.

Arsenal have announced two signings today: Galindo and Campbell. A 17 year old center forward/attacking midfielder and a 36 former Arsenal center back. Not exactly what many Arsenal fans were hoping for in this transfer window.

The young Bolivian is pretty much a complete unknown so we’ll have to take Wenger’s words as truth:

Galindo est doté d’une bonne technique, il est intelligent, il mesure 1,87 m, il est gaucher avec beaucoup d’énergie. C’est un milieu axial qui sait donner de bons ballons. Il est doté d’une bonne vision du jeu, ce que nous apprécions ici.

That pretty much sums the player up doesn’t it?

Seriously though, this is just Wenger prospecting. He’s another young South American player who will need to go on loan to Spain for a couple of years in order to earn his European passport before he will even be able to set foot on an English pitch. See you in a few years Carlos Vel.. I mean, Samuel Galindo.

Worth a listen (if you have Arsenal TV Online) is Sol Campbell’s post West-Ham interview. You’ve already read all the quotes about how he’s not just hungry, he’s famished, or how he’s worked really hard to get to this point, etc. But what you haven’t seen is an absolutely ebullient Sol Campbell talking about his road back to the Arsenal. His love for this club really and his desire to contribute really shines through. Take a minute to check it out if you’ve got ATVO. Anyway, he’s signed and I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing. Sol’s almost certainly got something left in the tank and he’s clearly excited to play for the Arsenal.

Another player who wants to play for Arsenal is Serbian international and CSKA Moscow “winger” Milos Krasic. Krasic reportedly turned down Manciti’s giant paychecks and his people are saying he only wants to play for Arsenal or Manure. I was intrigued by the descriptions of him as a “winger” because Arsenal haven’t had one of those in quite some time. In fact, I’d say the last one who played anywhere close to a winger was probably Hleb and we all know how centrally he liked to play. Well, as luck would have it, Krasic too likes to play centrally for his national team, which makes him the perfect “winger” for Arsenal, doesn’t it? CSKA want £15m for him, but I expect Arsene to get them down to £10.

And finally, there was a lot of chatter on twitter yesterday about both Ryan Babel and the NY Times piece on Stan Kroenke, the latter of which I found quite surprising. But then when the office assistant at work leaves me a message saying that I should read the article then I suppose I should know it’s a bigger deal than I thought. So, I broke down and read it: sure enough it’s a puff piece. A puff piece is to be expected. Stan’s a very conservative guy, he abhors the limelight, and very little is known about his private life. In short, he’s not a blood-sucking Russian Man U supporter, who wants to use Arsenal as his personal piggy-bank. What I’ll get excited for is when the NY Times does an actual expose on Alisher Usmanov. Which they wouldn’t dare do, and we all know why.

As for Ryan Babel, well, I bet he regrets not coming to Arsenal now. It’s not like Benitez’ crazy rotation policy wasn’t already well known when he signed for them. Maybe we could get him on the cheap? He is a big lad and can play that center forward role that we need. But, I doubt Wenger has an interest though, he doesn’t like players who talk in public.

Right, that’s it for today, join us here tomorrow at 7:30 am (PST) for a liveblog of Bolton v. Arsenal. See you then!

Arsenal America Helps Haiti

In a time of despair, death, and destruction, it does my heart good to see all of the Arsenal America lads and ladies coming together to support people in need.  Tuesday, January 12th marked one of the most horrific earthquakes in the modern era, hitting one of the poorest nations in the world, Haiti.  With no real infrastructure, people are looking for life amongst the devastation.  Thousands are dead, and many more are injured, hungry, thirsty, and in need of aid.

I couldn’t put it any better myself so, I just quoted right from the article @ Arsenal America.

The bottom line is that Arsenal America are trying to help out the Haiti relief effort through some fundraisers and this awareness campaign. If you live in Maryland, San Fran or New York and you have time and money try to get down to their events and help out. If not, you can contribute directly to any of the many reputable relief organizations.

Thanks to Arsenal America for their part in helping to end some suffering and to the rest of you for your part, no matter where you live.

Friday Fun Links

Caption this photo!

Write a clever caption for the above photo, put it in the comments, and if it’s genius enough I might even send you a free tee-shirt. My caption is in the meta, and no you can’t use it.


Everton are reportedly going to “raid” Arsenal for Senderos. What are they going to do paint their faces blue and come down the Thames in long ships? I don’t know why they need to raid us, they could just ask and we’ll probably let them have him, for cheap. Which should appeal to Moyes, on account of the whole Scottish thing.

Adebayor, “My Bad”

Evidently, Emmanuel Adebayor has admitted that it was actually him in an Arsenal shirt being interviewed on television. Though his excuse was that he didn’t realize what he was wearing. All this makes about as much sense as Gilbert Arenas saying he kept guns in his training room locker because he wanted to “keep them from his kids.”

And Now For Something REALLY Weird

Avatar FC, ’nuff Said.

Nominate Me!

Ever felt like you want to give this blog the recognition it deserves? Well, now you can, by nominating me for a Soccerlens award, I’m thinking that I’m a shoo-in fot: Best male model under the age of 40, who blogs about football from a country which calls the game ‘Soccer.’

Rats, looks like they got rid of that category. Oh well, you’ll think of something, I’m sure.