Sunday Bloody Sunday

I stayed out too late last night and as a consequence have picked up this dreaded MASSIVE HANGOVER.

So, instead of a column you get this video. It’s about as close to the actual experience as you’re going to get without going to a match. So, if you’ve never been to Emirates here’s your chance to see what it’s like for 5 minutes.

Happy Sunday!

Is this Arsenal’s 2010/2011 Home Kit?

Don't shoot until you see the whites of their sleeves

In order to celebrate their 125th anniversary Arsenal and Nike have teamed up to create another Arsenal shirt with no white sleeves.

I’m all about history and celebrating our 125th anniversary but it’s almost as if this is the perfection of this year’s kit in which the whiteness of the sleeves has been minimized to just a strip on the arms.

First they make our boys wear blue and if that wasn’t bad enough they somehow convince our Arsenal to wear white (only c*nts wear white) and now, to celebrate our 125th anniversary, they came up with this.

Here’s the thing… in the last season at Highbury they told us that redcurrant was the color that the Arsenal first wore and they sold us on a redcurrant shirt with a collar and now they are going to try to sell us on a bright red shirt with white bits?

How does this even make sense???


Thanks to regular reader Miko we all now know it’s a fugazi:

Shoop, shoop, shoop, shoop da woop

I know return you to your regularly scheduled Sunday hangover

Arsenal Transfer and Injury Roundup

Officially, the transfer window is closed but it looks like no one told Arsenal, players, or their managers because every morning I get up and read about so and so signing for such and such team.

Now, before you point out that players who are in the last year of their contracts can negotiate with other clubs I already know that but it seems like a lot of players who aren’t eligible for negotiations are signing deals and “making verbal agreements.”

Last week we had our monthly “Cesc is off to Barcelona” story which is quickly followed up with the “Cesc makes statement about loving Arsenal” story.  This week, we have out daily “Chamakh to sign for Arsenal” story, which, oddly isn’t being followed up with the normal “Chamakh hasn’t agreed to anything” story. I suspect that Arsenal are very close to signing him and after all the fuss he better be damn good.

The other transfer story today is that Mikael Silvestre is upset about playing time and is set “to quit” Arsenal. I don’t blame him for wanting to play football, nor do I blame Arsenal for not letting him on the pitch. If you look at his game log over the last two years at Arsenal he has been involved in an alarming number of 3+ goal defeats. I’m sure that’s just coincidence.

What isn’t coincidence is the fact that Arsenal are clearly looking to line up some young central defenders this Summer. We know for a fact that Wenger tried to sign Chris Smalling in the January transfer window and were pipped to the player by Man U. Immediately after that deal fell through there were reports that Arsenal had signed a 19 Montenegrin named Stefan Savic. That turned out to be the player talking himself up and he has since been binned by Arsenal with the player admitting

Everything is still very much open. There is the possibility to sign the contract [with Arsenal] now, and to return to Borca until the summer. However, the coaching staff concluded that it is better to see me again in the summer.

That quote happened after the player was taken on a 10 day trial and apparently bombed out.

The latest rumor is that Arsenal are going back in for Borussia Dortmund’s giant American center half, Nevin Subotic. Competition is supposed to be fierce with Arsenal reportedly willing to offer £15m. This whole rumor has been denied by the player’s agent and frankly, this isn’t how Arsene does business anyway. We all know he’d be more likely to sign someone like Thomas Vermaelen than Nevin Subotic.

The point is, though, with Silvestre unhappy with his playing time and Gallas reportedly unhappy with Arsenal’s latest contract offer, Wenger seems to be poking around looking for replacements. That should make a lot of Goonah’s happy since defense is one area that Arsenal have really struggled with over the last two years.

In injury news, ESPN is reporting that both Song and Arshavin are set to miss out on the Porto match on Wednesday. The Arshavin injury has been confirmed by the dot com but the extent of Song’s injury is still unknown. Finger’s crossed he doesn’t join the long-term injury list with Gibbs, Djourou, and van Persie.

The good news is that Eduardo and Nasri are back and Dudu can fill in for Arshavin on the left next week.

Oh and I forgot about Vela. Vela has an injury as well, though the dot com is not telling us how long he’s out for which makes me wonder if he’s really injured.

Anyway, that’s your rumors and injuries updates for today, now, if you don’t mind Robbie Savage has taken time off from swimming in his pool and banging his sex bomb love goddess model of a wife and is “playing football” and I’m going to watch.