Oh for f—’s sake…

Three blind c*nts

I was sitting at my local pub last night, enjoying a glass of fine Kentucky bourbon after a long day of laying in, exercising, and watching television (and getting a few tasks done, like the tee-shirts) when I decided to check my newsfeeds for any Arsenal stories.

When I stumbled upon the story about Adebayor begging Kolo to come join him at Manchester City’s pig trough, I literally put down the whiskey and said, “Oh for fuck’s sake.”

You know, I’m starting to regret that whole post last week where I encouraged folks to share their favorite memory. I really thought we’d send him off and when he came back, we’d all clap and say “thanks for the goals” and then Vermaelen would headbutt him into next week and we’d all secretly get a little joy out of that.

But no.

Now that he’s away from Arsenal’s minders and the culture of our club, he’s opening his mouth at an alarming rate and the trickle of stupidity that used to fall out is now a fire hose. No, not a fire hose, a douche nozzle.

The only thing he’s ensuring is that his trip back to Emirates is a very memorable occasion. I can hear the song now:

Left us for City, because he’s a whore

Maybe Mark Hughes should rein him in a bit?

The other story of the day is about Sunderland’s new signing, Lorik Cana. I wrote about this yesterday and I have to say I was a bit surprised by the responses. I even received some direct email about this guy! Odd, for a guy that Arsene Wenger never admitted to looking at, who went for a mere £5m, and signed for a perennially relegation bound team which revels in 0-0 draws as if they’d just won the Champions League.

Arseblog wrote a much stronger piece about him today, I wonder what his responses will look like?

Anyway, the last things pertain to shirts…

I have ordered the 7amkickoff shirts, thanks to all of you who put in orders! They will be here in 2 weeks or so and next week I will be taking your orders. As it stands they are going to be $22 for domestic orders and $32 for foreign (shipping included).

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I am aware that there have been stories about Eboue possibly going to Fiorentino. This is one of those stories which are difficult to judge and I’m hesitant to comment until we know for sure that he’s leaving. I will say on the record that I have come to like Eboue and his versatility would be a loss. Frankly, if Wenger sells him I can only see him doing so if he is able to replace him.

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We’re all Arsenal Lovers Titi!

We love you too Thierry!

As if to provide an antidote to the venom spewed by former Arsenal player and one-hit-wonder Emmanuel Adebayor, Thierry Henry spoke to the press yesterday and described his abiding love for the Arsenal. The contrast between Henry’s selfless interview and Adebayor’s selfish, blame everyone, screed shows why Arsenal were correct to trade Adebayor and why, despite his one season nearing the heights that Titi achieved, Emmanuel Adebayor was not, nor will he ever be, half the man, or half the player that Thierry Henry is and was.

Love. That’s the word Henry used to describe his former club. Love.

Henry calls himself an “Arsenal Lover” and rather than just say it, anyone can say “I love you,” he shows us what it means to love by saying that he sees Arsenal winning the league next year. That he sees Arsenal always challenging for the league:

But I hope they can win the league and win everything they can, that’s always my feeling about my old club. What I know about Arsenal from my time there was not about finishing in the top four – it was about winning the league. That’s how I saw it when I was there and I still see it like that, they are a big club. Arsene has proved so many times he can win things without spending a lot of money and hopefully they can do it again.The only thing that matters to me is not who is in the top four, it’s who is going to be top and I know that’s how Arsene sees it too.

Adebayor, on the other hand, talks only of himself, his objectives

That’s why I never think in life about going down – only about going up. I know it’s not going to be easy but I will do my best. We have to put all our ambition together and achieve things. The objective of the club is to finish in the top four and I don’t know who’s going to be fifth or sixth but we don’t care.

Titi is like the guy who broke up with his wife, not because he didn’t love her, but because it was best for both of them. Adebayor is like the guy who’s wife kicked him out, got a protection order, and changed the locks. And who does he blame for his eviction?

His ex-wife’s best friends.

This next statement is possibly the most delusional statement I have read from a footballer, well, aside from anything that Joey Barton has ever said, and seriously makes me question Adebayor’s sanity and intellect:

When a player plays well, clubs come in for him. I scored 30 goals for Arsenal two seasons ago and it was not my fault that Milan, or Barcelona or Real Madrid wanted to buy me. The fans never understood that and I cannot understand why the fans went after me. I had played my heart out for that club and gave it my best and the way the fans behaved towards me was not nice. I was in the same position as Cesc. Every summer Barcelona tried to sign him, but the fans never turned on Cesc.

This is the kind of statement that only a retarded person could make. I’m being serious here, I think that Emmanuel Adebayor may be developmentally disabled. How else can you explain the fact that he can’t see the difference between his overtures toward AC Milan and Barcelona and Cesc’s reflexive insistence that he is not leaving Arsenal? I guess it’s possible that he is a paranoid delusional, that might explain it, but you would think that City’s and Arsenal’s doctors would have sussed that out.

If he was developmentally disabled, however, it would explain a whole host of odd behavior over the last few years from the badge kissing to the constant offsidedness to these latest statements.

It could be syphilis, I suppose. No one ever suspects syphilis anymore.

In the interview, Adebayor gets more erratic, and starts talking about how he basically lied last week when he said that he didn’t leave Arsenal for the money. And then he compares himself with the guy who makes £10 a day, saying:

I know a lot of people will be saying ‘he has gone for the money, but I would like one guy – one Arsenal fan – who is honest enough with himself to say that if he worked for £10 one day and was offered £30 the next, he’d refuse it.

It’s true, if I was living on £10 a day, I would jump at the chance to earn £30. But a guy who earns £10 a day is in a financially insecure spot. A guy who earns £11,400 a day is not in a financially insecure place. So, while he is correct, it’s a retarded example.

Fabregas could be earning more elsewhere, why hasn’t he jumped ship?

Adebayor, freed from the minders at Arsenal, has opened his mouth and is vomiting insanity. I wonder if City feel like they got a bargain still?

As much as I liked Ade when he was with us, and as much as I have defended him down the years, he’s really burning all his bridges and that’s just sad. Like I have said before, given this level of delusion and the fact that I think he’s getting bad advice, I think that he’s going to end up sad and lonely and probably broke.

Unlike Henry, who will always have a job at the club and will always be loved.

Transfer Roundup:

Sunderland, who have been one of England’s top spending teams over the last few years are chipping in even more bread to land two guys who are supposed to have been Arsenal targets: Marouane Chamakh and Lorik Cana.  It’s pretty clear that neither of these guys will be coming to Arsenal. Chamakh is being mentioned in the same breath as Darren Bent, which is basically a curse word and Cana is a guy who said he wanted to play at the top level next year and yet is in negotiations with Sunderland. Lorik, Sunderland is not a top level club.

The fact that both of these guys are going for so cheap (Cana in the region of £5m) and to a side who, let’s face it, are notorious for poor signings raises a ton of red flags for me. They haven’t signed for Steve Bruce yet, so I suppose there’s some hope… if we really want there to be.

Huntelaar’s on-again off-again connection with Arsenal is back on-again after the player stalled over the prospect of playing at Stuttgart. That he’s being linked with us or Tottenham is all I have to say about that.

And finally, Alex Hleb is finding yet another way to prevent his current team from scoring! Typical Hleb, to hold up play, now if he could just find the perfect pass to get Barca out of scoring position…

Squad Roundup

Gael Clichy is listed in the big squad that flew to Austria for camp but there’s no word on his back injury and I didn’t see him in the daily training video. If I find out anything, I’ll report it.

Carlos Vela played 40 minutes for Mexico last night, coming on as a super-sub in the 80th minute of their overtime draw with Costa Rica. He then went on to get the winning goal in the penalty shootout. Good on you lad!

“Everyone else has gotten better”

Actually, Sam, some people do call them 'earphones'

I keep hearing this phrase, it’s always said with a bit of desperation and always in conjunction with something about Arsenal getting more people in. It goes something like this, “Dudes, listen, everyone else has gotten better this year, Arsenal need to bring in some people or we aren’t going to win anything and I’m getting sick of it. COME ON WENGER BUY (Huntelaar, Alonso, Inler, Melo, etc).”

“Everyone else has gotten better?”

Ummm… No they have not. Name one team other than City, in the EPL, that has gotten better…

See, you can’t.

Man U: They were in the running for the sept-uple last year. Lost their two best players and replaced them with Michael “Balsa Legs” Owen. Strong core team, even if some of their players are old, still a threat but certainly have not “gotten better.”

Chelsea: The only thing they have signed is their 4th coach in as many years. Their money is no longer attractive even to their own players and so they have had a hard time keeping them much less signing a real impact player like Ribery. They are older, and judging from the pre-season, fatter, but certainly not “better.” If they lose John Terry to the £1m/month offer from Citeh they will be knocked out of the top 4.

Litterpool: They signed a £4m defender for £17m, but they look like they might lose both Mascherano and Alonso. Plus they have lost some of their experienced players and their best defenders looked old LAST YEAR. Not better.

Everton: Might lose Lescott to Citeh, which would make them much, much more vulnerable at the back, and this is a team built on defense.  No… wait… they signed Jo. Well, if they keep Lescott then you could say they have gotten better.

Aston Villa: Lost their midfield general to a big money offer at Citeh, you know, “to further his career.” All their other players are also being linked to Citeh and elsewhere. I think they’ve gotten much worse, not better.

Arsenal: Shored up an important defensive position with the signing of Vermaelen, also are getting Eduardo and Rosicky back from long term injuries. Lost Adebayor, who was offside 40 times last year and clearly a distraction to supporters and players on the pitch and in the locker room. Plus, all of their “youngsters” have years of experience under their belt. Might still see Wenger buy a midfielder to partner with Cesc but even if he doesn’t, they have gotten much, much better.

So, that leaves just one other team who have actually “gotten better;” Manchester City. No argument from me, they will have an attractive attacking side with the strength and depth to challenge for a top four spot.

But that doesn’t mean that Arsenal are the ones who are threatened! You’re looking the wrong fucking way, mates. Don’t look down the table, that’s what shitheels like Ashley Cole do, look up the table. That’s where Arsenal are going to be this year, higher up the table.If the summer goes the way it has been so far, that is.

There’s still time for Roman Abramovich to get out his checkbook and pay £100m for Ribery. Or Liverpool to buy some more Spanish players.

But as it stands right now, Arsenal have done the best of the top four clubs this summer.

Enjoy it.

Goal.com, bad web site or worst web site ever?

A couple of weeks ago I got all incensed at Goal dot com for this series of turds they flushed down the inter-tubes which basically preyed on Arsenal supporters and our mania for summer transfer news and, hell, anything that questions our own team. It was a hatchet piece about how Wenger has “lost the plot,” followed by a “liveblog” where the author of the editorial took selected questions from “fans” and ripped Wenger and Arsenal even more. The gist of all of these articles was that Wenger needs to buy Toulalan but he won’t, so he’s got no ambition or some such. It was a bunch of jibberish that was designed solely to get Arsenal fans in a frenzy, and, evidently, we oblidged.

Then yesterday, as far as I can tell, they were the chief architects behind the whole “Eduardo is out for three months” bullshiat which has been squashed by the club both in writing and in video.

So, look, here’s the thing… I have long ago stopped clicking their links. I’m not going to tell you what to do, I mean, maybe you like having them play with your emotions for advertising dollars. But I will not link to that site, ever.

I’ve figured out the white kits!

Red… white… blue…

HA! It’s a tribute to America! AMIRIGHT?

(Gods they are ugly)

Tee shirts

As I said yesterday, the shirts are ready, the PayPal button is ready, the flat rate boxes are ready and I just need one last thing before I order shirts: I need to know how many and what sizes you all want? So far, 16 folks have said they want one, which is good but we can do better.

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