Cesc hammy 100%, hopes to find the other 10% + Sol and IUFGNAP

Good day! I said , GOOD DAY!

Well, it’s always a good day when I have injury news to report and it’s not “so and so will be out for the rest of the year with a herniated hernia.” Today’s good news is that Cesc says him hammy is 100% and he’s ready to get some kicks in on Kevin Cyrill Davies at Bolton on the weekend.

My hamstring feels 100% now. The snow may have disrupted the football, but it hasn’t interrupted my rehab.

I could spend the next 1000 words describing how important Jesus is to this team, but I’d only be saying all the stuff that you all already know. Basically he’s very important and it’s great to hear that the rest has done him good. Also, I told you so… I told you that missing that Bolton match last Wednesday would pay off. See, Cesc is healthy.

Arsene having a second Sol?

The news reports are all abuzz that Arsene has done the unthinkable and re-signed Sol Campbell.  Wow. Just. Wow. As you all know, I’m not normally speechless, but this is pretty incredible news to me. He’s 36 years old, he last played for Notts Berry Farm FC, and he left Arsenal spectacularly mid-way through a game and a season. Not only that, but the games I saw him play for Pompey immediately after he looked like he was basically done. So, you’ll pardon me if I have a hard time believing that he has the physical fitness, and more importantly the mental fitness to go up against Predator’s like Didier Drogba.

Then again, who am I to question Arsene Wenger? He’s been training with Arsenal, he’s been working with the kids, and Wenger has praised him very highly, so, there must be something to this.

Oh and one last thing, poor Senderos. I really do like Phillipe. I was at Emirates on a cold February night when Big Phil put a goal past Blackburn to take Arsenal to a 6 point lead on Man U so, I’ve always kinda felt a connection. Unfortunately, that very same season saw him basically reduced to a shell of a player by Drogba and subsequently shipped out to Italy where he rotted for a year.

I guess… I guess these player’s careers are that fragile that a couple of poor performances can kill you off. And Wenger signing Sol (if true) is as clear an indication as there ever was that Senderos is done at Arsenal. Here’s hoping he gets into the right club and they build him back up to a great defender. He’s very young and if he gets with the right system I think he still has a shot. Good luck Phillipe.


The folks over at the It’s Up For Grabs Now Arsenal Podcast have a new issue that hit today and you should give it a listen. Currently, they are the number two football podcast in the US and I’d like to think that me promoting them here has helped. Maybe they’ll give me a shout out on the next podcast? Maybe if we get them to number one?  Here’s a link to their RSS feed, a link to their iTunes account, and their Facebook page.

Push it!

Sergio Canales, Louis Saha, Kenwyne Jones, and other transfer pap.

Back in the Summer of 2008 I tried in vain to start the rumor that Fellaini was coming to Arsenal. Unfortunately, that was my first Summer blogging and I hadn’t quite figured out how to get people to, you know, actually READ my blog.

Gunnerblog has no such problem. Plenty of people read his blog. People, and even reporters read it daily for the informative opinion, the humor, and the occasional made up transfer rumor — like the one where he suggested that Wenger should go after Louis Saha.

Since then the rumor has gained traction and in all of today’s major papers, and the Daily Mail, there’s an article linking Arsenal to Louis Saha. And why not? He’s French, he’s uhhh French, and he’s constantly injured, in short the perfect Arsenal signing.

Well, actually, that last bit about him being constantly injured, that might make people cringe a bit. Oh well, must press on.

Personally, if we’re going to look at Everton for anything I would rather that Arsenal sign Marouane Fellaini. Seriously, screw Saha and his constant injuries Fellaini would be the perfect signing: he likes to play in the holding role, he’s gigantic (He’s 6’5″, with the afro 6’9″), he’s a terrific header of the ball, and most importantly he’s earned his chops in the Premier League and doesn’t get called for fouls like he used to. In short, he’s the perfect player for Arsenal and the exact player who Arsene won’t sign. I mean could you imagine Fellaini covering the back and Diaby attacking in the, uhh, front? Dreamy stuff.

No, more likely is some Spanish Wunderkind 18 year old who I’ve never heard of (or if I did hear of him I quickly forgot) Sergio Canales. Supposedly, Chelsea lead the chase for him but I wouldn’t put Arsenal out of the race for any 18 year old since we will, you know, actually PLAY him in games.

Anyway, here’s two videos which prove definitively that he is world class:

Sure, that’s two goals from the same game, but so?

Meanwhile, some times Arsenal paper target Kenwyne Jones is being shopped around by Steve Bruce who alternately calls him a £40m player, and then not a £40m player.

On his day I think you can look at Kenwyne and say he’s worth £40 million, then on another day you’ll think: ‘come on you’. That’s Kenwyne.

Other reported quotes from Steve Bruce, on his wife*:

When she’s got all the right makeup on, and the light is just right, you think, ‘what a stunner.’ And then when you wake up the next morning and think ‘what did I do?’ That’s Julie.

The last word on transfers for today goes to Arsenal’s diminutive Russian striker. Misquoted as saying that Arsenal need a miracle to win the title, Andrei Arshavin actually said that basically it would be nice if we could get our first-choice starting XI on the pitch all at the same time:

My greatest dream is to win a title with my club. Naturally, it would be better if we won the Premier League or the Champions League. But to do this we need a miracle – which is to start playing finally with our best line-up! I do not think we have had it once so far this season.

I disagree, Andrei, there was a run of matches at the start of the season where we had our best lineup and we brushed aside opposition like dandelion fluff. It would be nice to get that lineup back but unfortunately, RvP is out for the year. Which is why so many Gooners are asking for Arsene to dip into the transfer market, how do you feel about that?

I have a feeling that Arsenal are not going to buy any new players in the winter transfer window. Or, if we do, it will be at the very last moment.

Hey, that’s my line.

*Needless to say this quote is fabricated and intended to be HUMOROUS. I imagine that in reality Steve Bruce loves his wife and would never say something like that, no matter how ugly she is.