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It’s fargin war: Capoue set to sign for Everton, M’Vila for QPR

At this point, I’m just going to go ahead and tell you that if you’re at all a rational person, if you look at the world and are able to make sense of reality, and if you like making sense of things, it’s probably in your best interest to stop reading news about Arsenal now because if you don’t… you… may start throwing things. In fact, just stop reading this post right now.

Seriously. Stop. Go outside, walk the dog.

You’re not stopping? Ok…

Two days ago Arsene Wenger made the proclamation that despite the loss of Arsenal’s most important midfielder (Mikel Arteta) to his now annual January three-week injury layoff Arsenal were not really in the market for a midfielder because “If you think there are any players of Arteta’s calibre available now in January,” he said, “I wish you good luck.”

This was a bold statement from the Arsenal man, especially considering that he had just selected Abou Diaby to play in Arteta’s place in a crucial match against Manchester City. Abou Diaby, who has started a grand total of 24 Arsenal matches in the last 30 months, struggled mightily against the reigning League champs and looked so far removed from “Arteta’s calibre” that the only praise Arsene Wenger could muster for the man after the game was that he played 60 minutes without picking up an injury and that he will “get stronger.”

Meanwhile, reports surfaced this morning that Arsenal look set to lose out on four long-rumored transfer targets as Everton are on the verge of signing Toulouse midfielder Ettiene Capoue, Queen’s Park Rangers look set to swoop for Rennes midfielder Yann M’Vila and Marseilles forward Loic Remy, and English forward Wilfried Zaha looks set to sign for Manchester United. Yes, I know, by mentioning Arteta and Diaby and then Remy and Zaha I’m mixing midfielders and forwards. I’m doing that only because there are a lot of folks who believe that Arsenal also need a striker now that star center forward Gervinho has gone off to the Africa Nations of Cups.

And if you’ve ever wondered why there is a divide among Arsenal supporters, or if you’ve ever wanted to catalog what that divide looks like, what arguments each makes, you need look no further than the comments that this article will receive below. Because what this all really comes down to is an argument over what each person believes is “a quality player.”

Some people will argue that Diaby is “Arteta calibre” and they will point to that one game that he had back in 2009 where he really just looked a world beater. The other person will state, plainly, that he may be the Lionel Messi of midfielders but he’s started less than one game a month for the last two and a half years.

Some folks will say “well who the hell are YOU to say which players are quality? You sound like that bitter fan questioning Harry Redknapp over why he picked Frank Lampard over Scott Canham. Redknapp was right, Lampard was miles better than Canham.” And their opposites will reply with a catalog of examples of players that Arsene didn’t rate who turned out to be fantastic.

On it will rage, Arsenal fans will now begin to throw things against walls, probably their own feces, as they go ape-shit over this latest news.

How do I personally feel?

I think Moyes is the most astute manager in the Premier League in terms of getting value out of the transfer market. He doesn’t get the big payouts that Wenger does but then he doesn’t bet as much as Wenger does either because Everton don’t have the same deep pockets that Arsenal have. I have been a fan of Capoue since I was convinced to give him a chance by Tim from Arse2Mouse and I would love to see Capoue in an Arsenal shirt.

Based on his stats and on watching him play football, I believe that Capoue would provide the steel that Arsenal need in midfield, protecting Jack from “wheelchair” tackles. I believe Capoue is a fantastic deep-lying playmaker as well and would offer some great service from distance for either Theo to run under or for Giroud to win. Capoue is also able to play center back and he is one of the best in France in terms of winning aerial duels, I believe that those are two places where he could help Arsenal.

But most importantly, Moyes is reportedly bringing Capoue in because Chelsea are going to sign Marouane Fellaini. And if that’s true, then, it means that Everton are losing a star player to a big-spending team (which many agree is inevitable) and are looking to replace like quality for like quality in the transfer market. And that’s something that many Arsenal fans feel like Arsenal have not really done lately.



Arsenal contact Nice over Remy

L’Equipe is reporting today that Arsenal had a formal bid for disgruntled forward Loïc Rémy rebuffed by Le Gym.

Nice Sporting Director Patrick Governatori has confirmed that Arsenal didn’t want to commit to a full out bid for the player and instead offered to take him on loan. With competition from several other French clubs Nice is holding firm in their £13m valuation. The Arsenal manager more or less confirmed this today when he said that further signings are unlikely to happen between now and Monday when the transfer window closes.

Rémy has struggled winning over the fans on the French Riviera and just recently was quoted as saying that some fans spit on him during a home loss to Auxerre. Immediately after the game he was interviews on French radio RTL and said:

I wet my shirt for people who spit at me.  It’s unacceptable. If I am to be spat upon, I will consider leaving the club before the end of the transfer window.

Remy has since gone back on that statement and is now saying that he wants to finish the year at Nice but that hasn’t stopped clubs from putting in a bid for the player.

Arsenal’s French scout Giles Grimandi has been following Remy closely and in a recent interview admitted that Arsenal are interested:

We know the potential of Remy. He has a physical standard that is outside the usual. He is one of the greatest potentials in France and perhaps even in Europe but we are looking for a player who will enhance our strength very quickly because we lack this.

Nicklas Bendtner believes strongly that he is the player to provide that immediate strength and in 20 minutes on Wednesday certainly looked up for the challenge. Whatever Nicklas’ self belief, Arsene Wenger is urging caution saying that the player might not get a start against ManIOU because “he’s only had one training session and 30 minutes in the last three months” and looks a little short.

Losing out to United in their chase of Fulham central defender Chris Smalling Arsenal have been active in the transfer market but have so far failed to land either of the type of players (striker and defender) which many Arsenal fans desperately want.

That said, there are three days left for them to sign a player and with Crystal Palace going into administration, there’s a fire sale going on for young forward Victor Moses. Wenger is always keen on a bargain and the 19 year old Englishman might just end up being the player that Arsene ends up with on Monday.

Loïc Rémy