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From Zenit to London football has one thing in common: racists

You know how I know that someone’s about to say something racist? They always say, “you know I’m not racist BUT…” and then they say something completely racist. Either that or the racist person will lower their voice, cover their mouth, and say something like “those people” with a wink wink and a nudge nudge to let me know that I am in their club of racists.

Another thing that I have noticed about racists is that they are very concerned with other people’s racism and especially any perceived racism against them. It’s always the most racist people who are ever vigilant about non-existent things like “reverse discrimination”. And no matter how many times you try to explain the concept of a double-negative to these people, they just don’t get it. “Think about it for a second,” I’ll say to the racist “reverse discrimination would be actually privilege, wouldn’t it? Or at the very least reverse discrimination would be anti-discrimination, right?” That’s when they look at me blankly and then I try for the really simple, “besides, if you are being discriminated against, it’s just discrimination, there’s no need to have a special ‘reverse’ category just because you are in the group that was historically the oppressor and now you suddenly feel like you’re the oppressed because other people have to be treated fairly and not racially abused.”

That’s how I used to be anyway. Now days if someone tries to rope me into their merry band of racists or engage me in a discussion on why they feel reverse discriminated against I adopt a zero tolerance policy and just walk away from them. I just don’t have time to suffer these fools and neither should anyone else.

So, why on earth are we still suffering racism from the terraces of clubs like Millwall and Zenit St. Racistburg?

Pretending that there is no racism in England is part of the problem. It’s a major reason why the FA doesn’t deal with clubs like Millwall whose fans have been accused of racist chants no less than three times, since October. Once against Bolton, once against Charlton, and now against Leeds. Three times in five months? Isn’t England the most watched country on the planet? Don’t you have cameras on every street corner? Don’t you abhor racism so much that it’s a crime to use a racial epithet? Why did it take a SkySports “special investigation” to get these racists banned from the terraces? If the club and the FA truly cared about banning racism, they would have dealt with this problem years ago. But they didn’t and that’s how racism in football is still alive and well, because the clubs and the governing bodies don’t really care.

And Zenit. I’m not really even sure how a football team, where the manager can say that he openly discriminates against black players, can have a license to play in Europe. I’m sorry but any team which openly discriminates and which has a fan base that has been fined so many times for racist abuse that I’ve actually lost count should play in their own racist league of racist teams but be denied entry into Europe.


And that’s why I’m actually happy that Liverpool complained about Zenit prior to the match. Of course, some folks are pointing out the irony that Liverpool are suddenly so concerned about racism. But I suspect their newfound concern is actually a byproduct of the shame that they were subjected to after the Luis Suarez debacle. Which is exactly how you deal with these cunts, you name them and shame them.

It’s easy to make fun of Liverpool for that sordid affair with Luis Suarez but you also have to understand that they have several black players who are going to be in very close proximity to the most racist fans in all of Europe. Any team, every team I would hope, would seek protection before the match.

The ball’s in UEFA’s half now. Let’s see how they handle it. My hope would be through tough measures. But history tells us it will be by punting.

And the FA. Sorry guys but racism is no longer just an overseas problem (hint: it never was). There’s a Den of racists there, in London, a few miles from the HQ at Wembley. Maybe take a look?