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From Zenit to London football has one thing in common: racists

You know how I know that someone’s about to say something racist? They always say, “you know I’m not racist BUT…” and then they say something completely racist. Either that or the racist person will lower their voice, cover their mouth, and say something like “those people” with a wink wink and a nudge nudge to let me know that I am in their club of racists.

Another thing that I have noticed about racists is that they are very concerned with other people’s racism and especially any perceived racism against them. It’s always the most racist people who are ever vigilant about non-existent things like “reverse discrimination”. And no matter how many times you try to explain the concept of a double-negative to these people, they just don’t get it. “Think about it for a second,” I’ll say to the racist “reverse discrimination would be actually privilege, wouldn’t it? Or at the very least reverse discrimination would be anti-discrimination, right?” That’s when they look at me blankly and then I try for the really simple, “besides, if you are being discriminated against, it’s just discrimination, there’s no need to have a special ‘reverse’ category just because you are in the group that was historically the oppressor and now you suddenly feel like you’re the oppressed because other people have to be treated fairly and not racially abused.”

That’s how I used to be anyway. Now days if someone tries to rope me into their merry band of racists or engage me in a discussion on why they feel reverse discriminated against I adopt a zero tolerance policy and just walk away from them. I just don’t have time to suffer these fools and neither should anyone else.

So, why on earth are we still suffering racism from the terraces of clubs like Millwall and Zenit St. Racistburg?

Pretending that there is no racism in England is part of the problem. It’s a major reason why the FA doesn’t deal with clubs like Millwall whose fans have been accused of racist chants no less than three times, since October. Once against Bolton, once against Charlton, and now against Leeds. Three times in five months? Isn’t England the most watched country on the planet? Don’t you have cameras on every street corner? Don’t you abhor racism so much that it’s a crime to use a racial epithet? Why did it take a SkySports “special investigation” to get these racists banned from the terraces? If the club and the FA truly cared about banning racism, they would have dealt with this problem years ago. But they didn’t and that’s how racism in football is still alive and well, because the clubs and the governing bodies don’t really care.

And Zenit. I’m not really even sure how a football team, where the manager can say that he openly discriminates against black players, can have a license to play in Europe. I’m sorry but any team which openly discriminates and which has a fan base that has been fined so many times for racist abuse that I’ve actually lost count should play in their own racist league of racist teams but be denied entry into Europe.


And that’s why I’m actually happy that Liverpool complained about Zenit prior to the match. Of course, some folks are pointing out the irony that Liverpool are suddenly so concerned about racism. But I suspect their newfound concern is actually a byproduct of the shame that they were subjected to after the Luis Suarez debacle. Which is exactly how you deal with these cunts, you name them and shame them.

It’s easy to make fun of Liverpool for that sordid affair with Luis Suarez but you also have to understand that they have several black players who are going to be in very close proximity to the most racist fans in all of Europe. Any team, every team I would hope, would seek protection before the match.

The ball’s in UEFA’s half now. Let’s see how they handle it. My hope would be through tough measures. But history tells us it will be by punting.

And the FA. Sorry guys but racism is no longer just an overseas problem (hint: it never was). There’s a Den of racists there, in London, a few miles from the HQ at Wembley. Maybe take a look?


You wouldn't want to make him angry

Won’t someone please just call Rennes? ANYONE???

Morning everyone, plenty to go over so let’s just get stuck in.

The first is my article yesterday on Theo van Walcott. Just to make this as clear as possible I will say this: A)  Theo Walcott has flaws (dribbling, touch, injury record, etc.) but he also was Arsenal’s second most important offensive weapon. B) Theo and vain Persie combined for 51% of Arsenal’s League goals last season. C) Theo developed into that player during his youth at Arsenal (just like Ashley Young did at Villa) D) Given the spend of Man U, Man City, and Chelsea, and the extremely unlikely event that either of those three finish outside of the top four again next season that means Arsenal are battling for fourth place. E) Liverpool is an ambitious club with a long history and deep pockets. F) Selling Theo to Liverpool (is still a rumor, but) would represent a weird shift for Arsenal: they are now not only a selling club but we now sell our top players to direct rivals. G) Theo making that move in the way that he did — by breaking off contract talks last year — means simply that he used Arsenal as a training ground to move on to what he perceives are better things.

Second, it’s the curse of this summer that any time I publish a fact (e.g. that Theo has poor touch) I simultaneously get both hyperbolic praise and calumny. Can we all just dial this down a notch? Look at the whole article I write before deciding that it completely backs up or discredits whatever your pet point is.

Third, I see that the Crown police are looking into Rio Ferdinand’s “choc-ice” tweet. I think it’s great the the police in Britain have time to investigate a black man for what amounts to calling another black man Uncle Tom and yet turn a blind eye when thousands of fans sing about how  Adebayor’s dad washes elephants. Also, have I ever told you how much I love to eat choc-ice? Ohh man, I split open that wrapper, splay it wide and just get in there like Richard Nixon, licking every part until is succumbs to my ravaging in a gooey mess. I love me some choc ice.

Fourth, I saw that Andrei Arshavin* returned to training! Here he is looking thin, and happy, and well baked. I actually had a chance to go back and look at his contributions to Arsenal over his career and decided that he’s another figure people will endlessly argue over. 10 goals and 18 assists two seasons ago is nothing to sneeze at but somehow he fell out of favor with Arsene and returned the next year to only give Arsenal 2 goals and 4 assists before being shipped off to Siberia. I suspect that there is more to this story than we could possibly guess. Like he really just missed the borscht in Zenit. Is that racist of me to say that? I mean borscht is a stereotype.

Finally, I just happened upon this article about how Rennes are just waiting for the phone to ring and invite Yann M’Vila to the big dance. The quotes from that article are fucking comedy gold but here let me sum them up:

Yann is our most important player and our only France international, which is why we were all “hey Yann, you can leave this summer.” And Yann was all “sweet! I mean, I love it here, that sucks, but I’m a professional I’ll suck it up and take one for the team.” And then we just sat by the phone waiting for people to call, but no one called and the Loneliest Song Ever Written stated playing and so we ate some ratatouille  galette saucisse. Is that racist of me? I mean, ratatouille galette saucisse is a Rennes stereotype. Anyway, we can’t figure out why no one is calling us despite all the interest from Barcelona, Arsenal, and the TuneSquad so that’s why we gave this interview, you know, to remind people that they are interested in Yann. Anyway, yeah, erm, I’m rambling, so call me some time. You have my number. Talk to you later. OK?

That’s my interpretation.


*Yes, I see that Robin returned to training as well. I also noticed that the club photographer managed to catch him all by himself. I wouldn’t read too much into this. At least he showed up for training, unlike some former players who had injuries that miraculously healed themselves the moment they signed for another club.

Stoke, Telenovella, Web, and Collina and after that maybe some football

I started following local paper “This is Staffordshire” last year in the aftermath of Ryan Shawcross breaking Aaron Ramsey’s leg for one reason only — Lou Macari. Lou had penned a preposterous article that was picked up by Gunnerblog (all us bloggers only talk to each other you know) in which the former Stoke manager had the temerity, no… insanity, to blame Arsene Wenger and Aaron Ramsey for what happened that day. The article has since been pulled but Gunnerblog still has the pertinent quotes:

What got my goat about events at Stoke on Saturday was not the tackle, but Arsene Wenger’s ridiculous reaction to it.

And my favorite:

I’ve got to say I felt sorry for Shawcross. Not just because of all the hoo-ha over the challenge, but the fact it overshadowed one of the greatest moments in his life after being called up by England for the first time. I suppose the furore over the Ramsey injury is a bit of a spanner in the works, but the call-up is still a feather in his cap and he should go there and enjoy the experience as much as possible.

I wonder if this is just Lou’s outlook on life; blame the victim, feel sorry for the perpetrator.

I feel terrible for that guy who shattered that young man’s leg while driving drunk. After all he’d just gotten a promotion at work. I hope he doesn’t let it bother him too much.

And as we head into Tuesday, with the Stoke game fully five days away Lou Macari has hit again with another insane article which should have been titled “Aaron Ramsey needs to apologize — tout suite.”

Former Stoke manager Lou Macari is just asking for a simple thing, he wants Aaron Ramsey to make a public statement accepting that Ryan Shawcross didn’t mean it.

But he could kill all that off in an instant by saying he accepts that Shawcross never meant to cause him any damage with the tackle. That’s assuming he believes it, of course, but I certainly hope he does. Speaking as a neutral, I never for one minute considered that Shawcross went in to do him any damage. No way.

A year later and Lou Macari, the neutral former Stoke City manager, is still looking for other people to blame for Shawcross’ actions. See, this isn’t about “intent” because only Ryan Shawcross knows his intent, this is about the fact that he made the tackle at all. This is about the fact that Shawcross tackled Aaron Ramsey in a way that should never be excused and took a year of his life away from a promising young footballer.

Intent is irrelevant and highlighting the intent is an intentional tactic to move the debate away from where it should firmly be. But I don’t expect anything less from Lou. This is a man, after all, who by saying he hopes Ramsey doesn’t think Shawcross intended the tackle is actually shifting blame on the victim.

Meanwhile, UEFA has decided to pull out their Ace in the public relations war that is brewing between Barcelona and Real Madrid and has sent Perluigi Collina to the Nou Camp as an “overseer” for today’s match. From his seat in the stands there is very little Collina can do to effect the refereeing so it’s clear that he’s just being sent as a figurehead. Maybe he’ll have a word with the refs at half-time, but I doubt it.

Sending Collina and making it so widely known before the match is simply cover for what UEFA should be doing which is banning the starting XI and managers for both teams and forcing this Champions League semi-final to be played with academy players… behind closed doors… with no television cameras.

Let’s face it, no one is going to watch today’s game for the football. We are watching the game to see what further levels of depravity these two teams can stoop to. I won’t be tuning in to see slick passing and stalwart defending but rather to see if Sergio Busquets will come out of the tunnel waving a giant banana while making monkey noises at the Real Madrid players.  I’m watching the game today to see not IF someone is sent off but if there’s a record breaking number of red cards.

How many players will get booked for simulation? How many guys sent off for shooting on goal? Will Danni Alves cling to life in the hospital bed while his rich uncle makes off with that whore Scarlett?

In short, I’m tuning in to watch the Telenovella “El Classico.”

And finally, on the subject of referees and upcoming soap opera clashes, Howard Webb is expected to make an appearance on “Days of our Manchester” this weekend.

To give you a little back story, Howard was once married to Fergie but they were split up by an evil organization called “FA” who sent their operative Chelsea (code named “Terry”) to sleep with Wayne and break them up. It turns out that FA is actually a double agent and stands for “Fergie and Associates” who have used the last two years to get Fergie and Howard back together so that they can rule England as King and Queen. It’s all a bit complicated, there’s a sub plot with Wayne kissing a kid in a hospital and all this stuff with the French invading from the South but I’m sure it will all be wrapped up this weekend when Howard makes his big announcement: he’s actually a man.

Stay tuned.